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Much has been written and said about a good personal statement. It is nearly impossible to find any practical example of such a statement. You may have noticed that various professional writing websites guide you on how to write such a statement. Some of them are so perfect that they would even spoon-feed you until you become an expert in it.

Some of the samples below will provide an essay writer with useful guidelines that he can use to write a good statement. For your ease, I am sharing multiple personal statement examples that can help you compose yours. I am sure these would help you or at least give you a basic idea.

Example 1

I have been a highly motivated and hardworking student during my college tenure. I was exceptional in all subjects and I did not leave any stone unturned to secure good grades. My immense confidence enabled me to participate in debate competitions. I also won many trophies due to my extraordinary abilities. I have achieved excellent grades in Mathematics and Physics. I am also a fast learner with the ability to incorporate new ideas and relate them with daily lectures. I wanted to pursue my career as a teacher of physics and my last career goal is to become a physicist. The first step is getting admission in college please consider me for admission in BS Physics.

Example 2

A recent economics graduate with 3.4 CGPA from XYZ College. I completed my college thesis on the ‘Economic Recession of 2008.’ In high school I was also interested in economics. I belong to the middle class and wanted to know why there is so much divide in society. That is why I only focused on economics and I found it interesting. I have also participated in debate competitions in different colleges where I try to convince my audience about economic disparity. I want to develop my analytical skill so that I would be able to predict any future recession. That is why my admission to ABC University is very important. Please consider my application for admission in MSc in economics.

Example 3

A retail manager with over twenty years’ experience in the cosmetics industry. I have proven records of success. During my two decades of professional career, I have worked in several cosmetics companies. The best experiences which I have were working in Johnson and Johnson, L’Oréal, Unilever, and Proctor and Gamble as a regional sales manager. I have had enough experience while working in these companies. I am confident that after joining your prestigious company your profits would increase considerably. Furthermore being a retail manager I have developed personal relations with all malls in seven states. I am confident that you would find me the perfect candidate for the respective post in your company.

Example 4

A highly experienced and motivated Personal Assistant currently applying for a personal secretary job. I left my professional career to raise a family of two and remained off the market for straight five years. I have exceptional admin skills, proficiency in minute-taking, understanding of Microsoft Office Programs, and liaising with clients. I want to join your prestigious organization in the hope to start my professional career once again. I hope my credentials are more than enough for the job. Apart from my professional skills, I am a regular volunteer for community service. Kindly consider my application for the job of a personal secretary and let me assure you I will not let you down.

Example 5

I completed my high school graduation with a B+ grade last summer. Along with studies I was also very good at sports and I led my team to the finals in the Baseball championship. I am very good at science subjects with physics my favorite. I was also a member of a school student paper that covered areas from sports to fun activities. While I was in school getting an admission in college was my dream as I have the intention to pursue my studies to master and doctorate. So far my academic credentials are good enough to secure admission to your prestigious institution. Please consider me for admission in BS Physics.

The above-given examples will help you write an impressive statement. However, if you are still unsure about your writing capabilities, you can take help from an essay writing service to score better.

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