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If you are an international freshman, you may be homesick often. There is a great way to relieve your homesickness: finding some hometown foods and enjoy them slowly. For me, a Chinese student, fortunately, there are a lot of Asian restaurants including many Chinese restaurants around the Tempe campu. The name of the restaurant which I will be reviewing is Chou’s Kitchen, which is local at 1250 Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ 85281. This restaurant provides Chinese food, and they look like a family owned business. One of the most valuable qualities of this restaurant is handmade, which spend more spirit and time but create unique and special taste. The overall quality of Chou’s Kitchen is great, though the environment is not perfect, the food is wonderful.

In this review, I use four different kinds of criterias to judge my experience: environment, service, food and cost. Environment including the cleanliness, space and noise inside the restaurant. Service depend on the speed of cooking(waiting time) and the performance of the waiter. The quality and taste of food are the most important things to rate the food. And the cost will find out that if the price is worth or too high. The atmosphere of Chou’s Kitchen is good but not perfect. On The one hand, the wall which close to the parking place and roads are built by huge glasses, so this restaurant have enough light and sunshine, the consumer can also enjoy the view on the outside. Also, the restaurant provide AC so people do not need to worry about the temperature. On the other hand, the restaurant trying to keep clean, you will not see any garbages on the floor or tables. However, the space is not good. The distance between two tables are less than one meter. you can listen the talking from next table and it will become a little hot if there is full of people. And a lot of people will make this place sounds noise, you cannot relax and enjoy your food slowly.

The quality of service is great. The front counter and waiter are friendliness and patient, they will explain anything about their menu and provide other help. For example, they help me solving the paying problems when I come here at the first time. They teach me how to choose the paying mode on the bank card and tell me some knowledge about the tax.

The quality of food and drink especially their handmade dumplings is wonderful. This restaurant provide a lot of authentic Chinese food, including appetizer(Cold Dish), soup, entrée(Meats and Vegetables) and handmade dumplings/noodles. These food are the most common home cooking in China. They use same original materials and methods to make food as these people make these foods in China. As the result of that, these foods have the similar flavors and taste. In addition, the “handmade”method make the food become unique. By this way, the skin which outside of dumplings will become more al dente, and the stuffing inside the dumplings will become more juicy. According to a review from google map, “AMAZING.

Everything I’ve tried has been phenomenal. Sushi is incredible, especially considering the price. Great bang for your buck. The sides and appetizers come in 8 or 10 pieces so it is a great place to go for sharing food with friends. Clean place too. And I love that they are open late!” (Rebecca Larson, 2020), their handmake food is popular and delicious. The value for price is a little high but worth to pay. Though the price of Chou’s Kitchen food is higher than most of Asian restaurants, but their food is bigger and fresher than other restaurants. Also, handmade will spend them more spirit and time, so I think the price is reasonable and worth to pay.

Another restaurant I want to compare with is Osaka Grill. Though they provide Asian food, they also provide dumplings, too. They provide two kinds of dumplings: fried dumplings and steam dumplings. Their advantage is the price, they often provide a lot of food at a low price. However, the dumplings from Chou’s Kitchen are fresher and taste better than the dumplings from Osaka Grill. One of the important reasons is that the dumplings from the Chou’s Kitchen are handmade. The dumplings from Osaka Grill look like the products which come from food factories. I think handmade is the most valuable quality of Chou’s Kitchen.

In my opinion, an ideal restaurant must have a comfortable and relax ambience. The table and seats should be clean and have enough distance for each other. Also, the temperature and noise can be controlled well. Quality of service is important, too. The cooking service need to finish in a short time because none want to waste time on the chairs. And the performance of the waiter will impact consumer’s feeling and moon, so the waiter should be friendliness and patient enough. The restaurant must make sure the food is fresh and clean, then try to make them more delicious. Finally, the price should be reliable and reasonable.

In summary, though their have some environment problems and the price is higher than most of Asian restaurants, the service and the quality of food in Chou’s Kitchen are perfect. If you are an international students from Asian areas likes me, or you are interesting in Chinese food, you maybe not want to miss this change. Because they provide authentic Chinese food and the handmade methods make the food more special, try it now!

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