Trip To Mother Bethel Methodist Episcopal Church

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  • Date added: June 4, 2020

I believed the area journey to Mom Bethel Methodist Episcopal Chapel was an excellent experience. I experienced it a lot, actually, I am considering returning to the church again. There were a lot of very exciting things about the church. For example, I did not know that Mom Bethel Methodist Chapel had so much record and considerable information that I required to know.

One proven reality that I did not know about is that Mom Bethel is the first Africa Methodist Episcopal Chapel in The combined declares. I think that is awesome considering the point that returning then, shades of black were restricted to independence as well as knowledge. Another proven reality that I discovered was that Mom Bethel was the report for the first nationwide covention of Dark people in the United States structured by Rich Allen. I also discovered Mom Bethel was a place of the Subterranean Railway during the 19th century.

I was grateful to understand about these exciting and ancient information because it is an integral part of Dark History. Unfortunately, I was not able to stay after service for a journey of the art gallery. That’s why I do be present at to go returning to Mom Bethel Chapel to listen to a another excellent concept and understand more exciting information and record about Mom Bethel.

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