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So you’re doing an essay on tourism? You sure drew the end of the interesting topic stick. Yes, there is such a thing as “the interesting topic stick” when it comes to essays. Of course if this is an area of focus in your course then there’s no way to avoid it. Luckily tourism essays aren’t particularly difficult to tackle. What makes it difficult is the amount of topics you have at your disposal when it comes to tourism—or rather the amount of interesting topics. If your focus is just to do a paper on tourism and get through it, then you’re in luck. If it’s to write a truly interesting tourism essay, you’ve got quite a bit of digging ahead to find truly attention grabbing topics that haven’t been touch on as much.

General Topics for Your Essay

The best way to find topics for your essay is to simply research it. You’re sure to stumble upon some topic to tackle. What you want to stay away from is using tourism as the topic itself. This makes for a very broad topic and means you’ll have many things to take on. In elementary school, junior high, and maybe your first few years of high school taking on a subject or broad topic is acceptable, but as you go on in your academic writing career, you’ll want to be more specific and narrow a subject or topic down as much as you can.

Essay topics to consider for your paper:

  • Scheduling trips;
  • Tourism and economy;
  • Rising touring trends and touring offshoots;
  • Educational tourism;
  • Tourism danger zones;
  • Doom tourism;
  • Dangers as a tourist;
  • Great places to visit;
  • Dark tourism;
  • Winter tourism;
  • Modern tourism;
  • Pro-poor tourism;

How to Handle Your Essay

To get through tourism essays—or any essay—you’ll need to spend a good amount of time researching everything related to your topic. Research is the most important thing you’ll want to do and is what will help you actually get your paper off the ground. There’s honestly no way you could skip over this part, so get your note taking supplies ready and prepare for a ton of reading and referencing. Research is also a way to find your thesis statement.

Writing simply requires focus, drafting, and actually writing your paper. There’s really nothing magic about the process, but the end result can be magical once you’ve gotten through the woods of drafting and frustration that comes with the writing process. The most important parts you want to tackle are your introduction—which includes your thesis statement—and your conclusion. Everything in the middle is more or less filling for your essay. That isn’t to say that the middle of your essay is merely fluff, there’s facts that support your thesis statement in there and that’s very important. However, without that thesis statement to keep everything together, it’s just aimless writing which will likely end up all over the place.

Other than that, format your paper, write up the bibliography, make sure to reference works, slap a bow on it, and turn your paper in.


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