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Should Subjects Like Music And Arts Be Dropped From School Curriculum?

Essay prompt

Many schools have dropped subjects such as arts and music from their curriculum. Instead, science subjects like information technology are being taught. Do you support the idea of removing arts subjects from school curriculum?

Sample response

In recent times there has been much debate about what to include and what not to include on the school curriculum. Many parents and academicians have raised doubts over the decision to drop arts and music in favor of modern subjects like IT. In my opinion, this move has both merits and demerits.

The major argument in favor of replacing arts and music with IT is that the latter prepares students for their working life after school. In fact, subjects like science and computers improve the job worthiness of students. Many people believe that the purpose of education is to help students find jobs. And this argument is true to some extent. If students can’t find a job after school, there is probably no justification for sending them there.

This explains why the subjects on the curriculum should be relevant to their potential careers. And when we look at things from this point of view, it is not hard to see why learning information technology is more important than learning subjects like music and arts. These days, you cannot survive in the workplace if you are not a computer literate. In fact, your future boss will be more impressed with your programming skills than your ability to draw well.

There are, however, strong arguments in favor of retaining the more traditional subjects like arts and music. One argument is that besides making students ready for the workplace, schooling needs to develop their overall personality. Subjects like arts and music help develop several aspects of a student’s personality. In addition, these subjects help them to grow into compassionate human beings with sound judgment.

My personal opinion is that at primary school, all students should be required to learn some science, math, computer, arts and music. At secondary school, however, students should be allowed to choose a subject of their choice. Those who wish to study IT should be allowed to do so and those who wish to pursue arts should have the freedom to do that as well.


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