Outstanding Argumentative Essay Writing

  • Writer: Harold Shewmaker
  • Date: September 21, 2021
Outstanding Argumentative Essay Writing

An argumentative essay is a type of essay writing that seeks to argue a given idea of view. Normally the topic of argument has two opposing views, and it is always advisable to clearly present both views when writing argumentative essays. In this article I will give some of the tips and points to keep in mind when writing this type of essay. The initial stage is the planning stage which requires a writer to spare a few minutes for planning and preparing prior to writing the essay. Finding a good topic is another stage that should not be overlooked when writing an argumentative essay paper. In order to find a good topic, it is advisable to take into consideration a number of issues that would have two conflicting views and varying conclusions. A writer should list the topics identified and then choose the most interesting one. The topic chosen should also be researchable and relevant to the field of study.

The next step for writing an argumentative essay is considering both sides of the topic chosen and then taking a stand. To do this, a student needs to make a list of points with respect to both sides of the argument and then proceed to selecting one side. The first objective of the argumentative essay should be presenting both sides of the topic or issue and then assessing each side. A writer should then conclude the side that is deemed best. Gathering evidence is the nest step, which may also denote gathering information or data. To come up with an outstanding argumentative essay, a writer needs to give evidence rather than a lot of drama. Both sides of the issues should be thoroughly examined followed by provision of evidence as to why one position or side is stronger than the other.

The next stage is the writing stage. A writer is free to start crafting the argumentative essay once a solid base to work with has been established. There are three major sections that make up an argumentative essay and these are the introduction, discussion and the conclusion or summary. The introduction serves as the first paragraph which gives a short explanation of the topic and background details as well as the thesis statement. In the case of an argumentative essay, the thesis clearly states the stance or position taken by the writer. The body of the essay is the main part where the argument is presented. This is where the writer delves deeper into the two sides of the controversy stating the strongest views the opposing side. Some of the things to avoid when writing argumentative essays include emotional language and making up of evidence. It is always advisable to make an outline and clearly cite and reference the sources used to gather information.

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