How to write an argumentative essay

  • Writer: Harold Shewmaker
  • Date: May 20, 2022
How to write an argumentative essay

What is an argumentative essay?

This type of essay is different from a descriptive essay. The argument is more focused on one side of a debate or discussion, rather than a general one. In contrast, a persuasive paper aims to convince a reader to take a particular stance. To answer this question, you should understand how an argumentative essay works. Let’s look at the main characteristics of an effective argumentative paper.

An argumentative essay is written to make a point. It is usually a five-paragraph essay with an introduction, two or three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Each of these sections will have a different structure. You should understand how each part of an argumentative piece of writing is structured to ensure that your work is organized correctly.

The first part of an argumentative essay is the introduction. The next section will include the body paragraphs. These body paragraphs should introduce the topic of each paragraph.

An argumentative essay should be backed by logical reasoning and evidence to convince a reader to agree with you. It can range from a couple of paragraphs to a few hundred pages, depending on how long it is. It is important to choose a topic that you’re knowledgeable about, and that you’ll be passionate about. Regardless of the topic, remember that argumentative essays are written to convince people of a specific view.

What is the purpose of an argumentative essay?

The purpose of this type of essay is to convince the reader of your point of view and support your thesis statement. Unlike an opinion piece, an argumentative article must be well-crafted and explain how it came to be. A well-written argumentative essay anticipates the points that the opponent may argue and counters them with facts and explanations that prove your position.

A well-written argumentative essay should appeal to the emotions of the audience. People rarely argue with logic, so appeal to their feelings to convince them to change their minds. But, in addition to appealing to their feelings, an argumentative essay must also provide rational arguments that support its point of view. In other words, it is important to introduce the topic in a way that arouses feelings. It is also important to imagine the audience as they will ultimately decide whether or not the evidence presented is solid. When writing an argumentative essay, it is crucial to consider your audience. The audience will want to be convinced by the arguments that you offer, so it is essential to tailor your language to fit the audience’s needs.

It is also vital to create an effective conclusion. The conclusion should summarize your main point and restate your thesis statement. In addition, the conclusion should support the arguments and provide the reader with further information.

What are the parts of an argumentative essay?

The argumentative essay consists of three parts: an introduction, a body paragraph, and a conclusion. The introduction should introduce the topic and put the topic in context. For example, it can discuss the effects of current tax rates on health care. The body paragraphs should contain evidence to support the thesis statement. In most cases, the thesis statement comes at the end of the introduction. During the conclusion, the thesis statement must be reexamined through evidence provided by the body.

Why are argumentative essays important?

Argumentative essays are important for students to learn in order to become more effective in school or college. These papers require strong stances and evidence. Because they are written to convince, these types of writing should be written by people who have strong feelings about a certain topic.

In addition, the writer should consider the opposing arguments and try to refute them. This type of essay is particularly effective for polarizing topics. It is not uncommon to see a professor require an argumentative essay, especially when it is part of a class.

How to write an argumentative essay outline?

When you know how to write an argumentative essay outline, you can easily create a structure for your argumentative article. An outline has the following fundamental elements: an introduction, sub-arguments, and a concluding statement. The introduction should contain the hook, background information, and a thesis statement. The hook is used to draw the reader’s attention to the topic of your essay. The conclusion should restate your thesis statement.

The argumentative essay outline must contain three claims and three points of evidence for each claim. It can also include more claims, such as “bugs can solve our hunger problems,” or “eating bugs can end the world.” It is important that all facts and information are verified by reputable sources, and should not be based on personal experience. This way, your essay outline will be clear and concise, and your readers will be able to follow it easily.

An outline should also contain the main point of the argumentative essay, restate the arguments, and make a call to action. A good conclusion is important because it is what readers will remember. This is the reason why an outline is so crucial. It can save you time and energy during essay writing. In addition, it can help you avoid rewriting.

How to write a hook for an argumentative essay?

There are many techniques for how to write a hook for an argumentative essay. In most cases, the hook will be a catchy statistic or generalization that catches the reader’s attention. The hook should support the thesis and provide an opposing stance. However, there are several other strategies you can use.

Here are some of them:

Riddles – Riddles are a great way to capture the reader’s attention.

Literary quotes – A literary quote can be a great way to grab your reader’s attention. They appeal to the reader’s senses and can be a good hook if it is used in the right context. Using a literary quote in an argumentative essay may seem strange at first, but it works well to illustrate the premise of the argument. Furthermore, it can force the audience to look deeper into the topic of the essay.

Developing a compelling hook is an important part of writing an argumentative essay. A strong hook will engage the reader’s interest and keep them reading the rest of the essay.

For example, if your argumentative essay is about climate change, you can begin with the facts about the effects on human health.

Clean air, clean water, and healthy food are essential for human life. According to the World Health Organization, climate change will cause up to 250,000 additional deaths per year between 2030 and 2050.

How to write an argumentative essay introduction?

One of the most important parts of an argumentative essay is the introduction. It should try to capture the reader’s attention right from the beginning. The hook of your introduction should be something that stands out from the rest of the content. It can be a meaningful quote or an intriguing idea. The goal of a hook is to have your audience reaching for their popcorn. The thesis statement is the most important part of your essay.

The introduction should have impact. You should start your essay with a bang. This means starting off on a high note. The introduction is also known as the hook. It is meant to pique the reader’s interest and grab their attention. If you can write a catchy hook, you can increase your chances of scoring well. If you do not know how to write an effective hook, the rest of your paper will be dull and boring.

The introduction should briefly describe the topic and its importance. It should convince the reader why the topic is important and why they should care. The thesis statement should be specific and follow the instructions of your assignment. Having a weak thesis statement will make your work more difficult.

The introduction paragraph should be as clear and concise as possible. This will give your readers a solid foundation on which to build their arguments. And don’t forget to include background information and evidence.

How to write a thesis statement for an argumentative essay?

The thesis statement summarizes the argument you are making in your paper. The most effective arguments have strong support from evidence, and the thesis statement will give your essay its strongest point. In this example, I’m arguing that imposing a sin tax on sodas will reduce sugar consumption. To make my case, I need to be more specific. This example shows how to revise my thesis statement.

Secondly, your thesis statement is not always a single sentence. The length of your thesis statement depends on how long your essay is. In the final draft, the thesis statement should be clear, concise, and eloquent. Moreover, a shorter thesis statement will sound more assertive and confident. As a result, your thesis will be more powerful and persuasive. In addition, the thesis will help you structure your essay.

Third, the thesis statement should be simple but persuasive. Unlike the introduction, a thesis statement should make a claim and establish a position. An expository thesis conveys facts and illustrates a point, but it’s not an argumentative one. A more straightforward thesis will convey a fact, which will be a little more difficult to support. But a concise thesis will get the job done.

How to write a body paragraph for an argumentative essay?

The body paragraph is the second section of the essay, after the introduction. You need to start off by introducing the main message of your argument. In other words, this should be your thesis statement. The next paragraph should present the reasons why your reader should be interested in reading the remainder of the essay. You should also briefly mention the background of the subject, such as early studies on adoptive environments or the long-term effects of smoking.

Where does the counterargument go in an argumentative essay?

The counterargument is the part of an argumentative essay that challenges a claim made by a writer. This counterargument is usually presented after the author’s claim to be a more persuasive writer. However, it must not be completely false. The counterargument must be explained so that the reader will know that it is not completely true. The counterargument can be introduced in the writer’s own words or through an example. The purpose of the counterargument is to provide the reader with a better understanding of the original argument.

How to write opposing viewpoint in argumentative essay?

When writing an argumentative essay, one of the most important things to remember is that the opposing viewpoint should be as objective and factual as possible. While you are going to acknowledge the merits of the other side’s point of view, you should not give it too much weight. You can also start by summarizing the opposing view. This will show that you have thoughtfully considered both sides of the issue.

How to write a conclusion for an argumentative essay?

A conclusion should tie up all the threads of your argumentative essay. It should be brief and serve as a reminder of your main points. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Just follow these simple tips: first, think about the main purpose of your conclusion. It should be a statement that supports your central argument, and second, it should be specific to your essay.

What is a good title for an argumentative essay?

A strong title for an argumentative essay should grab the reader’s attention and be descriptive of what the paper will discuss. It should be catchy, provide a hook, and clearly state the author’s stance on the topic. This is why it’s crucial to write an effective title first.

Pick a topic that’s unique and interesting. Your title should be informative but not overwhelming. It should introduce the subject matter. While it can be controversial, keep it general, and include enough details to make the audience interested. The best topics are those that can be debated by the audience.

The wrong headline choice could make or break the quality of your paper. An effective title is short and sweet but it must pique the interest of the reader. It should also clearly show how you developed your argument. It’s important to pay special attention to this aspect of writing, as it can make or break the success of your work.

What are some good argumentative essay topics?

When writing an argumentative essay, you must be passionate about the topic you are discussing. An excellent argumentative essay will contain a strong stance and an assortment of evidence to back up your claim. If you are passionate about a subject, finding evidence for it will be easier. Choose a topic you have strong feelings about so you can write a more compelling argument. There are many good argumentative essay topics you can choose from.

General Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is the death penalty a just punishment?
  • Is the #metoo movement a good thing or a bad thing?
  • Do you think “big pharma” is looking out for people’s best interests?
  • Do you believe manufacturers are liable for the consequences of the chemicals used in their products?
  • Do you believe animal testing should be prohibited?
  • Is there an issue with fake news? What is the source of this information?
  • What do you believe individuals should do to combat human trafficking?
  • Do you believe that illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay in the country?
  • Are there moral problems that make genetic cloning illegal?
  • Do you believe that abortion should be prohibited?

Society & Culture Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is it a good idea for many states to decriminalize the possession of certain narcotics like marijuana?
  • Do you believe that explicit information is censored on television because producers must provide family-friendly programming?
  • Do you believe that a patient with a terminal condition should be permitted to request medically assisted suicide?
  • When will lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people be treated equally?
  • Do you believe that the good outweighs the bad on social media or that the bad outweighs the good?
  • Do you believe that people have the right to possess firearms?
  • Is healthcare considered a basic human right?
  • Equality is a legal concept, but do you believe it is implemented in practice?
  • Is a gap year a year-long vacation or a time for exploration and reflection?

Political Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Is the United States prepared for a female president?
  • What should be done, in your opinion, to reduce income inequality?
  • Do you think the Federal Reserve should cease printing money because it generates a bubble that can’t be sustained?
  • What recent governmental choice has resulted in the greatest amount of change?
  • Is capitalism the best economic system?
  • Do you think that an elected leader promotes the interests of their own political party, or is it best to try to compromise?
  • Is paying down the US deficit the most urgent problem of our time?
  • Which political party is the most ideologically sound?
  • Do you believe that campaign funding reform works?
  • Is socialism the best form of economics?

Historical Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Choose a previous decade and analyze whether or not people from lower socioeconomic levels had opportunities during that time.
  • How did the American Civil War benefit or harm the country?
  • What factors contributed to Nazism’s rise in Germany and the Holocaust?
  • The epidemic wiped off Europe’s population and altered the path of history. So, what was the most important lesson it taught?
  • Many people believe that we learn from our mistakes, but history is littered with patterns. Do you believe that history will repeat itself?
  • Is the treatment of Native Americans a moral stain on the United States?
  • Do you believe that our contemporary perspective alters the “truth” of major historical events?

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should the concept of designated hitters be phased out of baseball?
  • Should college players be compensated for their participation on sports teams?
  • Should male and female athletes compete in separate sports?
  • Should soccer be taken more seriously in American sports?
  • Should coaches and players be compensated equally?

Health Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should doctors be permitted to promote pharmaceuticals?
  • Should the United States adopt a single-payer health-care system?
  • Should nutritional supplements and weight-loss products like teas be permitted to use influencer marketing?
  • Should minors be permitted to buy birth control without their parents’ permission?
  • Is it appropriate to make assisted suicide legal?

Religion Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Should the pledge of allegiance include the phrase “one country under God”?
  • Is it OK for clerics to marry?
  • Is it appropriate to allow religious clubs in schools?
  • Is it necessary to teach religion in schools?
  • Should religious institutions be required to pay taxes?

College Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Has our understanding of magic shifted as a result of technological advancements?
  • Is it true that society has made the necessary restitution for slavery?
  • Are parents at blame for their children’s obesity?
  • Do you believe that a person’s earnings should be linked to the expense of a degree?
  • Do you think elections should be determined by a majority vote?
  • Do you believe the legal drinking age should be reduced?
  • Is it true that all college majors are equally important?
  • Do you believe that all internships should be compensated?
  • Is it true that printed books are better than e-readers?
  • Is climate change the world’s greatest threat?
  • Are men and women emotionally equal?
  • Do you think that beauty standards be more inclusive?
  • Is it still necessary to be a feminist?
  • Is social media harmful to children?
  • Do you believe college should be free?
  • Is it worthwhile to venture into space?

Argumentative essay example

Why Do Students Who Study Abroad Achieve Greater Academic Success?

This may be a question that many are asking, but the answer is simple: studying abroad is a great way to improve your grades and your overall knowledge of a subject. It can also be a great way to gain new life experiences and to build lasting friendships. A recent survey showed that 52 percent of students who studied abroad ended up earning graduate degrees, a high percentage among U.S. citizens.

Studies have shown that students who study abroad earn higher grades and achieve greater success in the workplace. According to the International Education Service (IES), a 65-year-old academic study abroad provider, students who study abroad earn higher grades and complete their degrees faster. A report from the U.S. CENSUS BUREAU found that students who studied abroad achieved higher academic success than those who did not participate in a study-abroad program.

One of the most interesting findings in a recent study of 6,000 alumni shows that studying abroad influences career paths and global engagement. Moreover, employers value this experience in the workplace. A 2011 QS Global employer survey of 10,000 hiring managers in 116 countries reported that 60% of those surveyed felt that international study experience is important in the workplace. And more than 90% of study abroad alumni found a job within six months of graduating.

While there are a few factors that contribute to students’ academic success abroad, most students travel for the sake of gaining confidence, deepening their subject knowledge, and breaking the traditional study cycle. Moreover, studying abroad enhances students’ interpersonal and communication skills, which are of great value for their future careers. And the opportunity to travel to different countries, as well as a cultural immersion, give students an opportunity to learn a new language and improve their public speaking and academic writing.

Those who study abroad have experiences that help them face the world’s challenges. For example, living in a foreign country makes students more intelligent. Having smarter friends can encourage them to work harder. Moreover, studying abroad helps students develop a global perspective, which is necessary for success in the modern workplace. The benefits of studying abroad are many, but the most important is that you’ll get the chance to meet new people.

Regardless of the type of study you choose, the experience is invaluable. During your study abroad experience, you’ll learn about a culture and develop a sense of independence. Ultimately, your life will be better enriched. Having the opportunity to live in a new country is one of the most valuable opportunities you’ll ever have. So, if you’re considering studying abroad, start preparing yourself for success in the future.

FAQ about argumentative essays

What is the difference between argumentative and expository essay?

There are two different types of essays – expository and argumentative. Both types of essays present information about a topic and offer an opinion. An expository essay presents balanced information about a controversial issue, while an argumentative essay expresses the author’s personal stance on the issue. The opening sentence of an argumentative paper states the thesis of the essay, while the opening sentence of an expository paper introduces the topic and provides background information.

What is the difference between argumentative and persuasive essay?

The primary difference between an argumentative and persuasive essay is the purpose of the essay. In a persuasive essay, the writer focuses on persuasion to persuade the audience to agree with them. Typically, persuasive writing ends with a call to action, such as asking the reader to join a petition or ask their friends to support it. In an argumentative paper, the writer ends with a strong summary of evidence and an authoritative general statement.

To write an argumentative essay, you should know who your target audience is. For instance, an essay targeting athletes will differ from one aimed at computer analysts. A persuasive paper will appeal to a wide audience, and it should be addressed to that audience. However, an argumentative piece does not have a specific audience. In its most basic form, the writer presents a side of the issue with facts or evidence to support it.

A persuasive essay presents a side of a controversial topic and uses arguments to persuade the audience to agree with it. An argumentative essay acknowledges opposing views, but does not ask the audience to agree with it. The audience is not forced to agree with the writer’s point of view, which makes it a persuasive piece. In addition, an argumentative essay is more likely to use evidence and examples to prove its point.

What are reputable sources for an argumentative essay?

As a student, you might be tempted to believe that the only reputable sources for an argumentative essay are your own opinions. That is not necessarily true, though. You can cite anything that supports your own position, as long as you’re careful to follow the correct citation format. There are several formats you can use, including MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.

What makes a strong argumentative essay?

A good argumentative essay has a well-constructed thesis statement and should be able to support the writer’s main points. It should also be debatable. It should include at least three main points, each substantiated with evidence. The thesis should encourage the reader to act and should be clearly stated.

How to write an effective argumentative essay?

If you’re writing an essay for school or college, you’ll need to know how to write an argumentative essay. This style of writing is typically five paragraphs long and contains two main arguments and a counterargument. While the number of paragraphs varies, each should have a clear progression from a general idea to a more specific topic. Each paragraph should contain linkers to provide better coherence. These include the words “this shows,” “however,” “for example,” or “because of.” They can also be used within each sentence.

What is a call to action in an argumentative essay?

If you want your audience to take action, you need to make your call to action clear and compelling. In an argumentative essay, a call to actions should be a concrete, specific action that will further your argument. The author should state a reason why the reader should take the desired action. The audience should be compelled to take the action in order to prove that a problem is solved or that change is possible.

What is a rebuttal in an argumentative essay?

A rebuttal in an argumentative essay is a section that challenges a central idea in the paper. It is an important part of the paper, as it is where you present your own side of the argument and refute the opposing position. It is best used within the body of the essay to build contrast between the two main sides. It also serves as a powerful opening paragraph for the argumentative essay.

What not to do in an argumentative essay?

  1. DON’T use phrases like “I believe” or “I think” to begin a statement. These expressions just add to the statement’s weakness. It’s equivalent to apologizing for your point of view. It’s assumed that you “believe” or “think” anything unless you’re quoting or paraphrasing. Replace “I believe that college should be free for all” with “College should be free for all.” Take a look at how much more forceful and powerful the second example is.
  2. DON’T create a signage. Signposting in writing refers to directing signs that inform the audience of what you’ve just stated or what you’re about to say. While this may be required in speaking class, it is not required in written work. Don’t tell your audience what you’ve already said or what you’re going to say; simply speak it!
  3. DON’T use exaggerated phrases, students frequently believe they must adopt an authoritative tone and employ wordy formulations to appear “academic,” when this just serves to look pretentious. It’s also difficult to interpret long, bloated phrases. Eliminate wordiness by speaking in your own voice.
  4. DON’T slack off when it comes to the end. “Ends abruptly,” is a common comment on student papers. Students frequently focus so carefully on constructing the body of a paper and incorporating sources that they forget the significance of a strong conclusion.

What is a warrant in an argumentative essay?

A warrant is evidence that backs up a claim. If the claim is unsupported, it amounts to an assertion. You can find expert opinions in media, but personal anecdotes can be more difficult to use effectively in a paper. Using your own experience can make your argument more compelling, but remember that it’s not proof that the opinion is valid.

How many paragraphs should an argumentative essay have?

A good rule of thumb is five. It will depend on the assignment, but a good rule of thumb is a maximum of nine paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs will discuss one main point. It may be more or less, depending on the topic. The more points you have, the more paragraphs you should have. There are some exceptions, though.

Is 300 words enough for an essay?

The majority of colleges have a word count limit or range. If there’s a limit, you should try to go as close to it as possible, and if there’s a range, you should try to stay within it. If you go over the limit, your essay may be cut off, or if you go under the range, your essay may be rejected. You don’t want to convey the idea that you can’t follow guidelines – it’s a great way to get your essay off to a negative start before they’ve even read a single word!

But what if no limit or range is specified? In certain occasions, we suggest keeping to the regular word count of 400-600 words. That will offer you ample opportunity to present your case!

How many words should a high school argumentative essay be?

A high school essay should have a word count of around 250 words. A high school essay is typically a one-page paper with three-paragraph, containing one paragraph each for the introduction, body, and conclusion. The core content, moreover, may have more than one paragraph depending on the student’s reasons.

What are some good transition words for an argumentative essay?

Transitions are divided into several categories, each with its own function. Understanding the various types will lead you in selecting the best appropriate word or phrase to convey your idea. For your convenience, we’ve categorized transition words for various types of essays and connections; utilize them as needed!

Introducing examples
  • That is to say
  • In other words
  • For example
  • For instance
  • Namely
  • An example of this
  • As in the following examples
  • Such as
  • Including
  • Especially
  • Particularly
  • In particular
  • Notably
  • Chiefly
  • Mainly
  • Mostly
Creating in lists/sequence
  • First(ly)
  • Second(ly)
  • Third(ly)
  • Another
  • Yet another
  • In addition
  • Finally
  • To begin with
  • In the second place
  • Moreover
  • Additionally
  • Also
  • Next
  • Then
  • To conclude
  • Lastly
  • Finally
Offering an alternative way of view
  • By contrast
  • Another way of viewing this is
  • Alternatively
  • Again
  • Rather
  • One alternative is
  • Another possibility is
  • On the one hand
  • On the other hand
  • In comparison
  • On the contrary
  • In fact
  • Though
  • Although
Putting the similar idea in a opposite way
  • In other words
  • Rather
  • Or
  • Better
  • In that case
  • To put it (more) simply
  • With this in mind
  • To look at this another way
Adding more to a point already stated
  • Moreover
  • Furthermore
  • Again
  • Further
  • What is more
  • In addition
  • Besides
  • Above all
  • As well (as)
  • Either
  • Neither
  • Not only
  • Similarly
  • In the same way
  • Indeed
  • In fact
  • Really
  • In reality
  • It is found that
  • With respect to
  • Regarding
Returning to highlight your previous opinion
  • However
  • Despite
  • In spite of
  • While____ may be true. . .
  • Although
  • Though
  • After all
  • At the same time
  • On the other hand
  • All the same
  • Even if ____ is true
  • Although ____ may have a good point

What is the format of an argumentative essay?

When writing a argumentative essays, it is important to follow the APA format. There are three parts to this kind of essay: an introduction, a body part, and a conclusion. This type of essay should have a minimum of four pages and should be double spaced. It should be written in Times New Roman font with a title page. The final part of the essay should contain scholarly sources, formatted in APA style. It should include at least one authoritative source per page and three credible sources.

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