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Some people believe that the governments should ban dangerous sporting activities while others feel that people should have the freedom to participate in sports of their choice. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample response

Health and safety are the biggest priorities of your life, but that is hardly surprising. These two are essential for leading a happy life. That also explains why some people feel that dangerous sporting events should be banned. While I agree with this argument to a certain extent, I am not in favour of banning these activities.

Extreme sport is dangerous and can even be life threatening. That is why people feel that it should be banned. It is not just the participants, but spectators also face consider risk. And hence the argument that extreme sporting events should be banned does hold water. Dangerous events like car racing are considered highly glamorous and enjoy consider fan-following. These events glamourize speed and might even encourage reckless driving.

The counter argument is that people should be allowed to do whatever they want as long as they are ready to face the consequences. The governments, after all, cannot tell people how they should lead their lives. Such a move will meet with considerable resistance from all sections of the society. In addition, many of these so-called dangerous sporting events are not all that dangerous. In fact, several everyday activities carry much more risk. For example, numerous people have lost their lives while crossing a road or a railway track. The truth is that every activity carries a certain amount of risk and there is no such thing as a safe task or safe sport.

My view is that people should have the freedom to participate in sports of their choice. Of course, the governments should regulate extreme sporting events, but banning them altogether cannot be considered as a solution. Instead, governments should take appropriate measures to establish proper safeguards. These safeguards will, of course, vary from sport to sport.

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