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Essay prompt

Celebrities like actors, singers and athletes each much more than other professionals. Is this justified? Why do you think this happens?

Sample response

It is a well-known fact that there is a major imbalance between the salaries of celebrities and other professionals like doctors or teachers. While this might seem unjust, if you take a second look at this situation, it is easy to understand why this happens.

Professionals like teachers and doctors are much more valuable than actors or singers. A teacher can shape your career and a doctor can save your life. However, they earn much less than actors or singers who provide nothing more than entertainment. Still, celebrities generate much more income than a typical professional and that is justified in many ways.

A major sporting event like Olympics or World Cup Football generates employment opportunities for people working in logistics, catering or publishing. Blockbuster movies earn several millions of dollars in revenue. Since star value plays a significant role in determining the success of a film, it is quite natural than that actors get a share of the profits. What’s more, celebrities are known for making generous donations to make philanthropic causes. They also participate in charity fund-raising events.

There is another argument against this. Famous people do not add much value. In addition, their success is not always a result of years of academic study or experience. They are usually a product of the celebrity obsessed media.

In conclusion, it is debatable whether celebrities’ large salaries are justified. There are strong arguments both in favor of and against it. My personal view is that people’s salaries should be proportional to the amount of money they help generate.

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