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A computer science major isn’t likely to be an amazing essay writer, or they probably would’ve gone into an English major instead. But you’re still likely to have to write a computer science essay or two in your program. Because of this, it’s a good idea to have a game plan for your essay and figure out exactly what you need to do. More often, teachers are looking for your ability to follow instructions and your proof of your computer science skills contained in the essay rather than perfect writing, although it still needs to be spell-checked.

How to Make an Outline for an Essay in Computer Science

The first thing you need to do for computer science essays is to make yourself a really solid outline. Because these types of essays aren’t really standardized like your high school ones, it’s hard to know how to lay out what you want to say.

Take out all the notes or instructions from your teacher and make a list of what your essay needs. This list might look something like this:

  • 2000 words long, double spaced;
  • Topic about the history of the computer;
  • Tell teacher about how your understanding and opinion has changed over the course of your classes;
  • Establish a ‘side’ or position on the topic of your choice;
  • Demonstrate research skills in sources you’ll be quoting from;

Top Topics for Your Essay

Computer science essay topics aren’t necessarily easy to come up with. If your teacher hasn’t been specific in this area, then it can be difficult pinning down what you want to do with this essay and what area of computer science in which you want your voice heard. If there’s any smaller part under the hood of your computer science major that you’re particularly passionate about, go for that!

Still having troubles with your essay topic? Don’t worry, that’s what this article is all about. Use some of the following ideas as a springboard for your own inspiration and creativity:

  1. History of the internet
  2. How has the computer forever changed humanity and its progression?
  3. Can you see a future where we have computers installed into our brains as children?
  4. Is the power of the computer used for just as much bad as good, or more?
  5. What about your personal habits involving computers and how you live your life?

Do You Know What Makes an Essay about Computer Science Great?

The computer science essay is an elusive thing to pinpoint. What makes one essay great might be the downfall of another aspiring essay writer. Make sure that yours is personal, passionate, and above all, shows your knowledge and skills as a computer scientist. Because computer science essays can be very subjective, it’s important to put into your essay all of the facts, dates and solid evidence you can without degrading your own opinion or position. Writing an essay in a computer science major doesn’t have to be rocket science; only computer science!

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