Causes of the Revolutionary War Essay

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The American Revolutionary War an important war that was fought on U.S soil between 1775 and 1783. The War also extended beyond east coast of the continental U.S with battles fought in Gibraltar, Central American, India, Africa, and other holdings of involved parties. Wars were also fought in the coastal waters of some of these locations. The result was territorial changes such as Britain losing its holdings east of the Mississippi River and gains for Spain and France. Britain also gained a territory from the Dutch. The War resulted in some forces fighting multiple wars thus stretching their military and resources. The end result was independence for America and 1783 Peace of Paris treaties.

The actual causes for the American Revolutionary War are pretty straightforward.

Lack of Representation

For most of its existence prior to the American Revolution, the colonies were merely ordered by Great Britain and taxes extracted. Without a representative to translate their interests and concerns to the Crown, the colonies became resentful. The thought was if there was no one to actually represent them overseas they might as well govern themselves at home.

With a Provincial Congress formed in each colony, they continued to recognize the Crown’s authority When Great Britain sent troops over to reestablish their rule the colonies began mounting an actual military force. The idea that they should have representation came as a result of the Great Awakening when colonists acknowledged that they were entitled to rights that should be respected.

Think of it as a parent treating a young adult as a child when that young adult has proven that they can function as an adult. This was the relationship between the colonies and Great Britain and the colonies wanted more freedom to handle their own affairs given that the Crown was simply reaping the rewards. Independence and governing their country was the last steps to the colonies achieving “adulthood” of sorts.


Britain passed a series of laws that saw the colonies pay them what they requested. The goal was to keep Britain afloat and getting proceeds to the mercantile class and the government. With little of the money going back to them, they became more and more agitated by Britain’s acts and policies. Throughout the decades there were more and more acts that sought to restrict the colonies further.

Reservations Following the French and Indian War

Great Britain sought to keep up a working relationship with the Native Americans that assisted in defeating the French in the French and Indian War following 1763. The Royal Proclamation of 1763 saw Britain cut off settlement to the west of the Appalachian Mountains leaving all of their holdings in the region as Reserve territory for the Native Americans. The agreement was reworked—even though pioneers continued to settle the area—but the idea that it was inked in the first place raised the ire of the colonists.

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