Capital Punishment – The Ultimate Punishment

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Capital Punishment is also known as the “Death Penalty” handed out to those criminals who have been convicted of some of the most heinous crimes. Capital crimes such as First degree murder typically face the death penalty and those found guilty will be executed by some means. Some of the states of America have done away with the Death Penalty in exchange for a life sentence in prison or some equivalent of it(eg. 300 years or two consecutive life sentences). Some citizens agree with the Death penalty while others don’t and the death penalty topic has been a huge debate between the two.

Pro Death Penalty Arguments

Those that are in favor of the death penalty believe in the classic idea of an “eye for an eye”. Many of these people believe that those that commit heinous crimes should not be allowed to live or see the light of day. Many believe that once a killer has committed a murder they will always have the capacity to do so. One way to keep these killers off the streets is to simply kill them. Many supporters also state that the cost of supporting a killer in prison bears too much weight on innocent taxpayers. The truth is that some of the taxes paid go towards feeding, clothing and confining inmates.

The cost of housing just one inmate is around $130 a day! This number tends to increase as the years go by and show no signs of slowing down. In one month the cost of an inmate is around $3,000! Now multiply this cost by 1,000 inmates, it is easy to see how expensive housing criminals are. Pro death penalty supporters also believe in giving the victim’s family a chance for some solace or closure to the episode.

Anti Death Penalty Arguments

Though the Death Penalty may be a means to stop or divert criminals it does not account for the hundreds on death row. Most death row inmates spend an average of over ten years waiting. During this time money is still being drawn out of the taxpayers pockets. Many anti death penalty advocates believe that the death penalty system is a waste of time and money. The truth is more money is spent on those on death row than those serving life. Those on death row get access to fear counseling on defense and appeals.

Since the early 70’s more than 80 people were release from Death row or about 15%. Most Anti Death penalty supporters believe that there is always a chance that an innocent person may be executed while on death row. Statistically the death penalty does not deter crime. Capital crimes are more likely to happen in the United States than in Britain and in Australia which are two countries that do not have the death penalty. The death penalty also is in clear violation of the international human rights law. Most importantly the death penalty can not bring back lost life, it just takes more life off the planet.

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