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In modern society, with the explosive growth of the amount of application data, we need to retrieve data in a quicker way. Many companies are developing with technologies like cloud computing and big data technology. These technologies can help enterprises to achieve digital transformation. On account of the digital transformation, there are more and more users who need to be supported with services via the internet. So many enterprises need devices to protect the security of data in the process of collecting, transferring and storing data.

For most of the traditional gateway firewalls, it is difficult to detect unknown threats with fast variation and a high degree of concealment. And a large number of security policies and logs increase the time cost of dealing with security issues and maintain system security. Due to these problems for traditional gateway firewall, Chinese company HUAWEI invented a commercial gateway firewall with AI technology called HiSecEngine USG12000. It has enough power to deal with these problems.

In terms of the feature of HiSecEngine, it has the ability of intelligent connection, AIOps, intelligent learning, and AI application. First of all, it can achieve an intelligent connection. It is the basis of the IP network structure. It is necessary to accurately perceive the business intention, such as the business layer notifies the network layer of the business demands. In this way, the terminal, user and business types can be actively identified, so as to eliminate the uncertainty of the demand side. The network management establishes the network model through artificial neural networks and other AI algorithms to perceive and analyze the network state in real-time. Secondly, AIOps can enhance the user experience.

Predictive operations can improve the user experience, so this gateway firewall can sense the network status in real-time and know whether there is a problem or potential risk. Then, the problem which causes the problem is accurately found and automatically repaired, so as to solve the problem before the user experience is damaged and ensure the business is not affected. Thirdly, it has the ability of intelligent learning, which means that it can set up a set of right models to make the whole system more intelligent, adapt to the rapid changes of business and network, and provide better service and experience based on the training and analysis capabilities of big data. The last feature is AI which is really popular in current network technology. This product applies the AI technology on device, network, cloud and data center. It can align the intent of the business layer, automatically generate and deploy network configuration, and ensure that the network continues to meet the business intent.

The equipment adjusts the forwarding strategy based on business intention through the edge reasoning and real-time decision, so as to guarantee the best business experience in real-time. The predictive traffic scheduling using AI technology can truly realize zero packet loss in the network, and the data computing and storage efficiency can be improved by about 30%.

According to the data provided on HUAWEI’s official website, at the edge of the network, the detection accuracy for unknown threats is more than 99%. Due to the product’s built-in Sheng Teng 310 AI chip, the unknown threat detection performance is improved by 5 times, the firewall defense ability is 100%. At the same time, it can achieve the minute level of business online and business-driven policy deployment and change, security operations OPEX reduced by more than 80%. So it is a really powerful product which can meet the need of the current network environment and enterprise requirements.

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