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Your advertising essay could focus on a style of advertising from a specific era or location. Or you could discuss the advertising techniques of one icon in the advertising industry. Another option would be the history of one medium of advertising, for example radio. A false advertising essay would be very interesting to the reader.

What is expected in an academic essay writing?
What is your instructor looking for in your advertising essay?

That you know and can explain the history behind the advertising you are addressing in your essay.
That you can adhere to the essay guidelines that are required for the assignment.
That you can relate what you have presented in your essay to your studies in advertising.

Winning topics for winning essays

All good advertising essays start with good advertising essay topics. Here are some winners to choose from.

  1. Should school budget cuts force the alliance of loyalty with major corporations in order to educate the children of our nation?
  2. Schools are continually looking for new funding to cover the costs of education – what problems and solutions may arise from this?
  3. Guerilla marketing tactics are everywhere – on the floors of grocery stores, the backs of benches in the park, everywhere you look. How much advertising is too much?
  4. Youth, especially are bombarded with advertising. They are hit with junk food and fast food ads which promote poor eating habits. Should government regulations limit this type of advertising?
  5. The obesity problem can be, in part, attributed to advertising. Should government legislation regulate the advertising of junk food to include health warnings like it did with tobacco advertising years ago?
  6. Violent video games affect young children, including increasing fighting and bullying at school. How can a change in advertising help to curb this growing trend?

How to polish up your winning essay

So you have done the research for your essay and written down some notes. It’s time to put it all together and polish it up. Organize your notes into sections that belong together. Title each section with a subheading. Now take the subheadings and organize them into a logical flow. This becomes your outline. Check out some high quality advertising essay samples to see the proper way for structuring the advertising essay introduction.

Once you have the outline sketched out, look it over and see if there is anything missing. If so, add in what’s necessary so it makes sense. Start writing the body of the essay, using the outline as a framework. Fill in each section.

Once the body is complete, construct the introduction. It comprises the opening paragraph, and should tell the reader what the essay is about. Don’t give everything away in the opening; get the reader curious enough to continue reading.

Finally, write the summary or concluding paragraph. It wraps up the essay into one paragraph. Check out some advertising essay examples to see how a good summary is written.

The very last step is a good proofreading to catch and fix up all the spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Once that is finished, your essay will shine!

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