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Writing a College Admission Essay

The college or application essay is an important document of 500 words which plays a crucial role in determining your academic future. You have not more than 500 words to tell the selection committee why you are the ideal choice among the several hundreds of other applicants.

Create a draft of the contents for your college or admission essay – an outline will enable you to decide what you want to write Introduce your college or admission essay with an interesting anecdote, proverb or saying which relates to your life.

If you are writing an admission essay for a business management course, you should probably quote a famous business personality who has changed the course of business.

You should state all your important achievements in the college/admission essay without sounding pompous. Simply state – do not sound boastful.

You could relate an incident or an experience which reflects your essential traits, which you know could have an impact on your admission. For instance, if you are writing to a nursing or medical college, traits of kindness, morality and humaneness are what your selection committee will be seeking for in applicants.

Your college essay should reflect your leadership and management skills – so be sure to state incidents which reflect these aspects of your personality in your admission essay. Brainstorm all ideas and prepare a rough draft – select only the best from your draft and write your college essay.

Revise and edit it several times giving it some time to stand. Finally, put in your best and submit it before the deadline.


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