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Law school admissions are showing a dismaying trend. Fewer people are applying. Well, it looks like they are starting to listen to what others have been buzzing about for a long time – that law school just might not be worth it. Here are some reasons:

Law school is viewed as a financial risk.

With the economy not really supporting much of the law profession, going to school is considered by many as a waste of money. People enroll and then graduate without much of a career option. Others end up working for non-legal professions, instead. This reality is discouraging prospective law school applicants.

Law school no longer looks like a great option.

Law school does not sound such an amazing institution to be part of – not anymore, at least to some people. There is no more passion to become defenders of justice, it seems, because the threat of financial risk has driven several would-be law students away.

The wrong people are applying.

One of the problems with law school is that the wrong people – those who have not done so well in the LSAT – are applying. The number of people with the capability to do extremely well in the LSAT has decreased.

At this point, Law school administrators can only hope that this is just a temporary trend and that something can be done about the above reasons.


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