Why Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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Animal testing is quite a complicated topic to discuss. This controversial issue is mostly revealed by animal rights activists. This type of testing is used to let pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies test their products to be used further by people. Scientists keep coming back to the testing when they think some substances in the created products can be harmful to people.

This is quite a sad reality that many animals are hurt to allow corporations to check their products. There are many reasons why familiar testing on animals should be banned. The key argument is a lack of proof that the named testing on animals can help identify whether the used product will be dangerous for people or not. According to experts, over ninety percent of results that prove it is safe for animals are totally incorrect for people.

There are more reasons why animal testing should be banned in the first place. These reasons touch on the ethical aspects of our life, a lack of proper regulations, and the general unacceptance of the violent treatment of animals. Therefore, not only animal rights activists pay strong attention to the reasons why animal testing should be banned. People who have pets also recognize the awful consequences of animal testing for living animals. They don’t even need to get deeper into the topic to understand the very nature of animal testing and why it should be banned.

What is Animal Testing?

Animal testing is a set of procedures performed on animals and aimed at researching the effectiveness of certain products and their safety for people. There are many products whose effectiveness is determined once being tested on animals. It includes various cosmetic products, pharmaceuticals, different agro and industrial chemicals, cleaners, etc. All the mentioned procedures, no matter how they are labeled, can cause great physical and psychological suffering and pain to animals. Thus, it is logical that animal rights activists and other animal supporters try to constantly remind everyone why should animal testing be banned.

Ethical Reasons for Banning Animal Testing

Sure, the argument that familiar testing should better be conducted on animals rather than people has its logic. Nevertheless, animal testing can often be turned into a real nightmare for test subjects. For example, little rodents once being test subjects are often left in awful conditions, in spaces no more than a shoebox. The largest animals are also kept in small cages. They cannot even stretch their legs, not even talking about running free.

Besides, animals can be tested for absolutely different reasons than to check products for safety purposes. For example, animals are often tortured in labs to simply analyze how their brain reacts to pain. These animals are never treated with any pain relief medicine, and they simply suffer till their death. Scientists always tend to explain their actions by the “significance for medicine, biology research, etc.”. They often say that there is nothing more important than the results of their experiments. Therefore, they do not care much about the means they choose to gain their desired results.

No Current Regulation for Animal Testing

One of the key reasons why testing on animals must be stopped is the lack of proper regulations. There are no precise laws or other regulations to watch over animal testing procedures. Most laws and moral guidelines related to testing are very broad, therefore the testing labs can bypass them in the way that suits them. The results of some tests can be valuable for science, but there is nothing to save test subjects from cruel treatment.

In addition, the test labs do not even report on experiments on birds, rodents, reptiles, or fish through the Animal Welfare Act. Therefore, there is an even higher possibility for these experiments to be exceptionally cruel. The named act protects large mammals, but as was already mentioned no pain relief is provided to animals during experiments. The methods remain undisclosed and can cause immense pain and suffering for animals.

What is more, many test subjects are cats and dogs. These are the same animals people keep as favorite pets, who become their family members fast. There are possibly a few people who can willingly submit their pets for testing. If you have no idea whether you support or are against animal testing, think about how high is the possibility of you submitting your pet as a test subject.

As a final point, there are many research works’ results that describe other effective methods of product testing without involving animal testing. They can be more expensive and call for long-term observations. This is the reason why corporations avoid the named approach. But, it is an awful reality that cruel tests on animals can be justified by certain people only as a means to gain more corporate profits.

The animal tested cosmetics should be banned essay recalls the importance of the humane treatment of animals. The protection of animals from violent treatment and various cruel experiments must be on agenda for leaders of the modern generation. The way we treat animals defines us as human beings. Therefore, we should do everything to focus on really important issues like animal protection and less on gaining bigger corporate profits.

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