Types of Article Reviews: Formats and Tips on Writing

  • Writer: Harold Shewmaker
  • Date: September 26, 2022
Types of Article Reviews: Formats and Tips on Writing

An article review is a literary review. It includes a summary, analysis and comparison. Such learning tasks teach students to work in different fields, analyze essays written by experts and improve writing skills. This type of learning assignment does not introduce new information. A student must respond to existing information.


The exercise requires deep research and time to find valid arguments. A student must provide a clear understanding of the topic by discussing theory, ideas, and research. An essay has a certain structure and should be formatted according to the given requirements.


There are several types of exercises: narrative, proof, and systematic. Follow the instructions to learn how to create these three types of academic assignments. Learn how to structure and format an essay with the help of Professional writing service or get an essay written by a professional tutor.


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What types of article reviews are there?


There are three main types of assessments that you may be asked to write in a college course:


    • Story telling. This type requires the author’s empirical research. Expert theories and methods must be analyzed and compared. The key to writing a successful narrative review is to provide qualitative and logical arguments.


    • Evidence. In order to compose a professional essay, students must research this topic. To evaluate such an essay, a student must have access to information. Discuss the author’s idea, discover its impact, and the results of the discovery.


    • Systematic. This type of exercise requires researching and analyzing several research papers to summarize existing data on a particular topic. The systematic essay type uses a structured methodology and expects the writer to answer research-related questions.


Different types of articles are unified by providing your understanding of the topic. Create an informative headline to grab the reader’s attention. The title should be short but concise. Includes information on methods and ideas. Follow the structure of an essay and format it.


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Format documents for a university


Most academic papers must be formatted in APA or MLA format. These are the two required formats at universities. Articles are published in magazines, newspapers or on websites. Check out an example of the APA paper review format and the MLA paper review below:




Author’s last name, initials and middle initials. Publishing year. Article title. Periodic Title, Volume (Issue), pp.-pp.


Author’s first and last name. “Title of the article.” Journal name, Volume (Issue), Year of publication, p.-pp.


Review article format


Author’s last name, initials and middle initials. Year, Month, Publication Date. Article title. Journal Title, pp.-pp.


Author’s first and last name. “Title of the article.” Newspaper name. Date, month, year of publication, p.-pp. Print.


Articles on the website


Author’s last name, initials and middle initials. Year, month and date of publication. Article title. Take from (link)


Author’s first and last name. “Title of the article.” Title page. Website publisher, date, month and year of publication. Items on the web. Day, month and year when you visit.


Tips for writing a review


Evaluating paper articles is a complex task given to more advanced students. If you must write this assignment, the most valuable advice is to leave as much time as possible. You will have to learn and write it from scratch.


    • Pick a topic and focus on it. Sometimes, evaluation requires the study of certain methods and ideas. If you can choose the topic yourself, choose the topic that interests you


    • Create a thesis for your assignment


    • Summarize all the main points obtained from the author’s paper and write them down


    • Rate your own opinions on the author’s methods and ideas. All arguments must be sound and supported by references


    • Annotate selected sources in your essay. Choose 5 or more sources that have helped you evaluate your own opinion of the author’s ideas


    • Follow the basic structure of an academic assignment: introduction, body, and conclusion. Some types of review articles may include more paragraphs


    • Discuss whether the author is right or wrong. Acknowledge and disagree with the author’s thoughts by providing evidence from your research


    • Criticize the author’s writing by spotting unanswered questions, contradictions, or discrepancies


    • Check, edit, and improve reviews. Make sure there are no grammatical errors. Make your homework informative, clear and interesting. Conduct prior research to provide an interesting essay. Cite your essay and add references you find


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