Tips to Write an Analytical Essay in 12 minutes

  • Date: January 12, 2022
Tips to Write an Analytical Essay in 12 minutes

Writing an analytical essay is a complicated task for many students. It does not only require strong writing skills but also analytical skills as well. Well, if you have any pending assignment of an analytical essay, do not fret. I got you. You just take a deep breath, and carefully listen to what I have to say. I will give out some crucial tips that will help an essay writer to write your analytical essay in minutes.

Understand analytical essay

It is not a simple informative essay or one of those summary assignments. You have to analyze the given source of information that could be an issue, an event, a movie, a book, a research article, or some other piece of writing. You have to analyze it and make some claim about it in your essay. To analyze, you can break it into different parts and discuss and support it by providing evidence.

Pick your topic wisely

If you are a junior student, most likely, you will be assigned a topic by your teacher. You could be assigned to write an analytical essay on a current issue or a reading that you discussed in the last week. However, if you are given the liberty of choosing your topic, you should look for topics that interest you and you already have some know-how about them. It will help you analyze them easily. Or you can always ask an essay writer service to select an interesting topic for you.

Review the literature

If you are assigned to analyze a movie, watch it and if it is a book or a research article, read it. IF you are given to analyze an issue, you should do some research to read enough available data on the topic. You should make notes while reading the documents.

You can also underline the important points in the reading. If it is a movie, not the important phrases, who says it, and the time when they say it. The best essay writing service can also help you in this regard.


You cannot just come up with the hook statement or the thesis statement as soon as you sit for writing the essay. You will have to brainstorm for interesting ways to open the essay that would hook the attention of the reader. Pose several questions regarding the subject, answer them and you can choose one of them as the thesis statement of your essay. Think of a single element or point on which you can write in detail. You should try to summarize your claim in a few sentences.

Provide supportive evidence

No matter how many strong claims you have made in the essay, all would fall flat if you fail to provide evidence to support them. If you have done the reading as I said and make you notes, this won’t be a problem. You can look up your notes and find relevant data to support the claims.

Make an outline

While many students say that it is a waste of time as teachers do not ask for it. I strongly advise you not to make the foolish mistake of skipping this step. If you do not know how to make an outline you can always contact an essay writing service. I have found an online essay writing service to write my essay for me for free, I bet you can also find one. They do not charge for small tasks like making outlines. It would help you plan your essay by saving a lot of time in the long run.

Write the first draft

Once you have created an outline for your essay, you should soon get to create the first draft of the essay without thinking about its quality. Just write down what comes to your mind according to the outline. You can edit and proofread it later, to make it perfect.

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