Tips to Get Better Grades in College Essays

  • Date: January 10, 2022
Tips to Get Better Grades in College Essays

So you have stayed up all night like an owl to complete an essay but still unable to attain good grades? Are you wondering why some students get higher scores in essay writing and you only get lower grades? If your answer is yes, then you aren’t alone. Many students wanted to make an impression on their professors and fellow students by showcasing their exceptional writing skills. However, for many, attaining spotlights is merely a dream that they spent years to chase.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are assigned a task to write an essay and you are just staring at the blank screen of your laptop and wishing, “Is there someone who can write my essay for me so that I can also attain good grades?” If yes, then I am here to help you out. Below are a few tips that will help you out in your quest to get higher scores in your essays.

Read the instructions

Not reading the instructions in the first step that will make you lose your grades. When your professor assigned you a task to write an essay, you need to skim through all the instructions. This will help you in identifying the essay type, formatting styles, required primary and secondary sources, and many more. Typically, students only read the prompt and then jump right into writing an essay.

Make sure that you read all the instructions and then try to understand the prompt so that you can craft an essay worth reading.

Pick a topic

Typically, colleges are provided with a few topics on which you have to write an essay. However, your professor may ask you to write an essay on your chosen topic. Seems interesting right. But wait there is a catch. You will be given an essay type and then you will be required to choose a topic based on that type.

Most of the time students tend to select a topic that is either too broad or too difficult to comprehend. This makes them write an essay that is full of flaws and jumbled up ideas that make no sense. So make sure that you select a topic that you have sufficient background knowledge and that interests you the most.

Tip: Find a topic that is up-to-date since no one is interested in reading an essay on the same old topics. If you are confused about picking unique topics, consult the best essay writing service now.

Make an outline

The organization is the key to write an effective essay. Imagine reading a book about something that happened in Russian and out of a sudden the author started to discuss world war I. How would you feel? Of course, you will feel confused and frustrated since now you had to find the links between the two incidents.

Similarly, while you are writing an essay you need to present your research or your arguments on the topics based on different sources in a proper manner so that your essay is easy to understand and has a proper flow. You can also consult an essay writer service for any further guidance.

A catchy hook

It is wrong to judge a book by its cover but unfortunately, we all have taken the phrase the first impression is the last a bit too seriously.

Your professor had to go through the essays of many students so an essay that doesn’t have any catchy hook won’t grab the attention. Therefore, start your essay with a quotation, or a statistical fact or even with a question. This way readers will become curious to know more.

Say no to clichés

You can use idioms or metaphors in your essay if it is the requirement of the essay. However, if your essay doesn’t demand from you to add idioms then avoid using them rather write in simple English.

Proofreading and plagiarism check

Grammatical errors can ruin your hard work of several days in just one second. Make sure that before turning your paper you have proofread it. Also, check the plagiarism as well since using someone else’s material without giving them credit is wrong and can put a question mark on your reputation as well.

Make sure that the content you submit is error-free and plagiarism free.

If you are juggling to meet the deadlines and have no time to write an essay, then your only shot is to hire a professional essay writer. Most of the students lose marks just because they are unable to submit their essays on time. so don’t let your grades slip away rather take help from a professional essay writer and then sit back and relax. Your work will be delivered to you within the deadline.

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