Tips to Develop a Persuasive Speech Outline on Social Media

  • Date: January 9, 2022
Tips to Develop a Persuasive Speech Outline on Social Media

Persuasive speech is used to convince your audience with your ideas or analysis. So to lay out the contents of a persuasive speech, I’ll provide a speech or essay writer with an outline of a speech based on persuading the audience regarding a social media-related issue.

For that, this article will be providing you with a fascinating persuasive speech outline related to the impact of social media on real-life relationships. These days social media is playing a vital role in transforming the minds of every age group. Let’s start, hopefully, this outline is going to help you devise a good one of your own.

Basic purpose: To persuade

Specific purpose: I want you to hold your smartphone in your hands and I also suggest the same for your partner sitting next to you. Now, I want to know with whom you are feeling more attached to? With your phone or the partner sitting right next to you.

Thesis: Social media is degrading in real-life interactions.

Now the point is why should we care about this?

As we see most of the world population is busy with smartphones and eventually, they are using social media as well. This is a hard fact that social media is undermining real-human interactions. So that’s why I decided to talk about this. I believe we all should take some time out of our lives and reconsider our routines. Social media is a significant tool that is isolating us from our own families and friends. Just imagine, lying in one dark corner of your room and scrolling down the things which are giving you nothing but more loneliness.

Preview: Presently, we are going to discuss the problems that social media is creating for us by reducing real-life contacts and other negative consequences on health and studies as well.

    1. 1. Social media is reducing real-life interactions.
      • People might think that social media is playing a role in connecting everyone around. Yet, several studies and researches show that it is actually distorting Real-life experiences.
      • As studies believe that real interactions always happen through real platforms. Besides, findings suggest that only 7 percent of communication is based on verbal and written communications. Whilst the 93 percent is connected indirectly or non-verbally. Now, I believe this evidence is crystal clear. So basically, real interactions are based on verbal communications which are definitely a big ratio to consider.
      • With the following platform, you can expect scams as well. You never know who is behind that particular profile. They can project any picture that you want to imagine to grab your attention. To be honest, without direct interaction, they get the chance to play with your feelings. And you know what this process is none less than a mystery. Thereby, admit the fact that with the digitalization we might be connected, however potentially more disconnected than we were before.
    2. 2. Social media is affecting our health and study patterns.

Social media is actually distorting our command over languages. It discovers short and slangs terms that the audience might feel convenient. This eventually minimizes student’s credibility to write effectively without depending on computerized spelling and grammar checks.

According to a recent study, social media also affects mental health as well. It is the form that creates anxiety and depression among teenagers mostly. Because these people are at their growing age and they think the world celebrities and other developed people are showing is the only world. This resultantly develops low self-esteem among them when they are unable to achieve that fame. Some people might get egoistic as well. As these are the most ongoing issues that the researchers are also following for their future findings.

Concluding remarks and Call to Action:

Correlate the thesis again. Social media is actually binding us in a box with no other life around. After this whole speech, I hope you will be able to understand how it is affecting our lives. You can get hundreds of thousands of online examples that you might relate to.

Final statement: I dare you all to reduce the use of social media and aspire towards a life full of satisfaction with a whole different mindset.

If you are overburdened from other tasks, hire a legit essay writing service to write an impressive speech for you now.

Good luck!

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