Tips that will help you write a great personal statement

  • Date: January 7, 2022
Tips that will help you write a great personal statement

Students after completing their college degrees strive to find suitable jobs. You may have seen that most students get their desired jobs. Getting a job in a competitive market is not easy especially when there are hundreds of applications for a single post. Only the students with the best grades and communication skills can secure a good job. Apart from academic studies and internship experience is one important factor that may help an essay writer to find a suitable job.

Usually, students include a statement in the resume called a personal statement; its name indicates how it looks like. It is an important statement in your resume as it tells the reader and employer about yourself. You can call this statement a short reflective essay about your personality, in general terms it is more than that. You have to convince the reader that you are the only perfect candidate for the announced job. You should write precisely about your abilities, passion, area of expertise, your interests, and your expectations after getting the job.

You may think that writing such a statement is an easy task, but trust me, most students are unable to express their own qualities. Yet it’s such a life-changing document that your entire future may depend upon it. Personally, I myself didn’t take the risk myself and hired a professional essay writer who drafted a statement for me. I found a legit essay writing service online that produced a unique sample for me that helped me greatly in writing my own.

Moreover, I am sharing some tips here which I learned from my statement. If you want to write it by yourself I believe these tips would help you to draft your statement.

  1. You should start it with a degree subject, your words should be carefully drafted as sometimes you may not know your employer and whom you are not familiar with. The statement would vary if you are applying for a job or admission to the university.
  2. It should be catchy to the reader; you can do it easily by making it personal. Personal necessarily does not mean to include your emotions or use any rude words. As it would potentially harm your reputation even before joining the company or university. In severe cases, you may not be able to join the university.
  3. While writing such a statement you should be careful that it is not plagiarized. Copying someone else’s statement would not bring anything good for rather it will open a Pandora Box of problems. So do not call problems at your doorstep and just try to write it by yourself.
  4. For a good statement, you can get inspiration from previously written statements. As it would give you a basic idea about its format, content, structure, and length. If you are still confused then you can ask help from your peers or a legit service working online.
  5. For an academic purpose, your focus should be on your academic achievements. Its main focus would be the journal articles which you have written during college. It would add an extra credit and you would be able to get admission in the university
  6. It is a good gesture if you would include your hobbies and interests. By doing so the reader would know that you are not just a book worm and pretty much are capable of handling any situation. But you should be careful as it would be your first impression of an unknown person and you do not know anything about him.
  7. In the end, you should conclude your statement by discussing your future goals. You can also discuss how this admission would help you to achieve your career goals
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