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The Thesis-Led Approach

You can approach your IELTS essay writing in two different ways – the argument led approach and the thesis led approach.

The argument led approach should be used when you have to answer more than one question.

The thesis-led approach

Use the thesis-led approach when you have to answer only one question or when you have a clear opinion on the subject.

Before you start writing, you should underline the keywords in the essay prompt. This is not necessary, but it will help you focus your answer on the key points.

The next step is to brain storm ideas for both sides of the argument. You should clearly state your opinion in the introduction. The subsequent paragraphs should be used to justify and support your point of view.

You should discuss only one point in each paragraph. There should be 2 or 3 body paragraphs.

Your introduction should include the problem you are asked to discuss and your thesis statement. Each body paragraph should contain a main statement with supporting points.

In your conclusion, you must restate your opinion. Note that you are not supposed to introduce any new point in the conclusion. You should use the last paragraph to provide a summary of all points discussed in the introduction and the body paragraphs. And most importantly, the conclusion should never lead to another discussion.


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