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There are many different kinds of scholarships that a student can apply for. Students, however, have to differentiate among these types to find one that should suit them best. Finding the best match can improve the scholarship applicants’ chances of getting approved.

College scholarships

These are scholarships that are offered through the college itself. Usually, the college that provides the financial aid requires a certain minimum GPA from the student. Students can already apply for college scholarships during the admissions process.

Athletic scholarships

Athletic scholarships are grants that are given to promising athletes. The athletes have to play for a certain team, whether for the school’s team or for a junior league, to continue reaping the rewards of the scholarship. Some athletic scholarships are pretty strict; the NCAA scholarships are given only for a year after which the student athlete can apply for a renewal.

Grants from organizations

Private organizations sometimes also fund scholarships for students. Sometimes, they do this to have some sort of charity that can boost their company’s name. Some organizations, however, just want to be involved in the quest for higher education. There are organizations whose founders favor strongly the educational system as a whole or a particular college or university.

There are many other types of scholarships out there. There are scholarships that are specifically given to people with certain grades, background, work experience, and so on.


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