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According to NYU’s assistant VP of admissions, Shawn Abbot, more students are choosing to prepare for college a lot earlier. Even the high schools, whether they are private, non-profit or for-profit, are encouraging students to start early. Here are the benefits of starting the college search earlier:

It preps high school students earlier

High school students will be prepared for the idea of college early. This means that they know that they need to do well in high school. Their choices will be colored by their college goals. So, they won’t just haphazardly choose courses and activities. Their choices will all be supportive of who they want to be in college.

It provides student with more info and more contacts

If a student starts college searching early, he or she will have more time to conduct research on various schools. With plenty more ground covered, the student will be able to collect more information and even establish more contacts. This way, the student will know which colleges will be more suitable. Colleges also prefer applicants that have displayed consistent interest in them in the past.

It raises the chances of admission acceptance

With more contact and information, the student has a higher chance of getting into the college of his or her choice. He or she will have striven better to get into college if the impact of high school on admissions is explained to him or her earlier.

It seems that the trend is going this way: high school students are college-searching a lot earlier than before.


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