The Basic Format of A Book Report

  • Date: May 6, 2022
The Basic Format of A Book Report

Writing a book report could be daunting for many students. However, if you have read the book, I guess, there is nothing to worry about. In the book report, you just have to share the critical information that you have read in the book.

A book report can have many formats as there are no hard and fast rules. A lot of flexibility is allowed to students in writing a book report. Teachers usually assign students to write a report to check if they have actually read the book.

Following a simple and basic book report format would allow students to include all the important information from the book in an organized way.

For writing the book report worth A-grade, an essay writer has to follow these steps:

  • Pick your book: This is going to define the quality of your report. Therefore, choose a book very wisely. If you are lucky, your teacher would ask you to pick a book yourself. You should pick a book that really interests you and is readily available. Stay observant of the number of pages while selecting a book.
  • Read the book: Many students want to write a book report without actually reading the book. They quickly jump to online sources providing chapter-wise summaries. You should not do that because teachers can easily differentiate if the students have actually read the book or not.
  • Write an outline: If you want to save time, write an outline. It would help you not miss any important information from the book. Moreover, you would not have to open the book again and again while writing the book report, if you have made an outline. This might take about 10 to 20 minutes but will help you a lot in the long run

Basic Book Report Format

How to write a report? Which information would go where? You are probably here because you have these questions. Well, follow this basic format to draft an organized and exceptional book report.


In the introduction, you have to tell the reader about the information regarding the book and its author. You also have to captivate the interest of your instructor/reader if you do not want to get bad grades by boring him/her. An introductory paragraph must include the following elements:

  • Author information
  • Genre and setting of the book
  • Backdrop of story
  • Thesis statement

You should begin by stating an obvious thing about the book. Share some information about the author and the publishing house. Thereafter, in a few sentences, you should provide brief information about the genre and setting of the book. Make sure to grab the attention of your reader. Keep them interested in reading your report. End your introduction by stating a claim that you think is true and can prove by stating a few arguments from the book.

Book summary

After the introduction, you should give a brief overview of the plot and summary of the book in a paragraph or two.

Main body

This is the main part of the book. In this section, you state your main arguments in different paragraphs supporting your thesis statement. You can also focus on various themes and plot of the book. Each body paragraph should include:

  • Main point or theme
  • Quotations from the book
  • Example of characters and their behavior
  • Your analysis


In conclusion, you will tie all the loose ends. Restate your thesis statement and summarize all the main points that you have discussed in the body. A brief and concise overview of the plot and book summary would make an amazing concluding paragraph.

Remember! Never to add any new point or theme in the concluding paragraph.

Lastly, there are many online essay writing service providers who can help you write an amazing report at affordable rates. You can take help from their experts to get better grades.

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