Synthesis Essay – Expert Writing Guide

  • Date: January 5, 2022
Synthesis Essay – Expert Writing Guide

The possibility that writing a synthesis paper ought to be brief, clear, and low jargon is not brand-new. The challenge of unnecessarily complicated composition — in some cases alluded to as an “opaque writing style” — has been examined in disciplines going from science to law. However, in the scholarly community, the awkward writing style is anyhow unacceptable. This needs to be tackled.

Before I delve deeper into the details of the synthesis essay, I would like you to have an idea of the problem that makes the synthesis paper complicated.

Reasons that make synthesis essay complicated

  1. Identification of academic style: Oftentimes, students will not identify the academic style for an essay and the demand for a precise thesis paper. This normally results if a student has not created a plan before beginning their academic paper. So, it is necessary to keep your plan clear right from the origin – where an academic paper is taking its direction.
  2. Avoiding Plagiarism: While writing a synthesis essay, as the name suggests, one has to synthesize, compare, and contrast two or more than two academic papers. So, one more common barrier, in the essay, occurs when students have not still realized the value of avoiding plagiarism.
  3. Limited research on the topic: I’ve discovered that a few scholastics start hitting the keys on their laptop prior to catching the point. As their mind rushes to the end, their fingers on the keyboard cannot retain up.

The solution to the complications in the synthesis essay

  1. Clarity: You have to know the point you need to put forward. In a synthesis essay, you simply cannot compare or contrast the content with a different thesis. The thesis must be the same. However, a reflection of the same thesis can vary in different papers.
  2. Understanding of the thesis being synthesized: Writing gets simpler when writers comprehend what they need to state before they begin composing. Try drafting, mind-mapping, scribbling down bullet points, or first talk your thoughts through. If you think you are not confident enough, just look for a free essay writer online and ask him/her to help you through the rough draft and outline of your synthesis essay
  3. Extensive Research: Always keep enough confidence to communicate your words as an expert on the subject. And, that becomes plausible only when you carry out an extensive research on the topic or thesis.
  4. Motivation: It tends to be extremely hard to get motivated when an errand appears to be troublesome! So, provide yourself a break before setting the clock again for another brief time of writing. Hence, when the academic writing feels hard for you, it’s crucial to leave enough time, so that time doesn’t become another stressor to the process

Important questions before you start writing a synthesis paper

  1. What is the commonality, idea, or theme that binds the two or three sources together?
  2. What should be the thesis of a synthesis essay that connects with the idea, commonality, or theme of the sources?
  3. How can the thesis of synthesis paper provide supporting evidence from the sources?

Prior to making an outline, you have to answer the above three questions. It will make your writing process easier.

Techniques for synthesis essay

The techniques for developing a synthesis essay include:

  • Examples or Illustrations
  • Summary
  • Compare and Contrast

One thing that I feel worth mentioning here is: whichever of the above-mentioned three techniques for synthesis, just make sure, your essay content infer the relationship between the sources being synthesized.

A lot of complications that arise during synthesis paper, are due to the culture. However, if you feel any difficulty, take assistance from a professional essay writing service.

Remember! Do not risk losing your grades. There is no shame in taking help from a professional; at the end of the day, your grades matter, for organizations shortlist you based on your grades

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