Structure of a 5-Paragraph Essay

  • Date: October 14, 2021
Structure of a 5-Paragraph Essay

Are you planning to write a 5-paragraph essay? If the answer is a yes, then you should be very careful in including all the necessary points to make your essay close to perfect. Apart from the basic guidelines, every essay has a certain set of related guidelines that should be used to present the essay in the right fashion. Writing an essay is definitely not one of the easiest things for the students, but considering there is no escaping and students have to write one, they simply have to deal with it.
A 5-paragraph essay is very apt to its name, which means that the essay would be of only 5 paragraphs. There is possible no way that you can include a sixth one to it because if you do then it doesn’t seem like a 5-paragraph essay. When you are asked to write a 5-paragraph essay, make sure it is only of 5 paragraphs. Some people have this idea that in a 5-paragraph essay, there should 5 paragraphs excluding the introduction and conclusion. Well, such a notion is completely incorrect because a 5-paragraph essay has 5 paragraphs including both the introduction and the conclusion.
So, when you are starting to frame a 5-paragraph essay, you should first get to know about the structure of this type of an essay. It is wise to know first the basics about anything before jumping into the tricky part. The structure as mentioned earlier starts with an introduction and then comes the paragraph 1, 2, 3 and post that you write the conclusion.
In the first paragraph which is the introduction, you need to pay emphasis to the opening line which should be speaking about your topic. You can also use a quotation, as long as the emphasis is being laid on the topic, and that is all that matters. You are supposed to be doing this because this is how you can start a connection with your reader, which will help them to understand your essay in a much better fashion.
In the second paragraph which is the body of the essay, you can start with sentences that are supporting your topic. You basically have to bring your point of views on the table, ensuring not many details are presented because those come in the next few paragraphs. Just bring in the main essence of your essay.
The third paragraph could be dedicated to the explanation part of all the points that you presented in the above paragraph. And in the fourth paragraph, you can actually go about stating few facts and argumentative revelations about the topic, which will get you to the fifth and the last paragraph where you sum it all up in your own words, stating your last thoughts about it.
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