Reflective Essay Writing Guide

  • Date: February 26, 2021
Reflective Essay Writing Guide

A reflection is a thought on some subject, an idea arising in the mind. Therefore, a reflective essay consists of reflections or thoughts on some topic, which is generally of an abstract nature; for example, habits or qualities, etc. such as truthfulness, thrift, temperance, cowardice, heroism, patriotism, industry, etc. ; social, political and domestic topics, such as riches and poverty, caste, democracy, liberty, government, family life, education, marriage, business, etc. ; philosophical subjects, such as right and wrong, reality, consciousness, the meaning of the universe, etc ; or religious and theological topics. In treating such themes, you should try to explain, for example, the importance or advantages of possessing good habits and qualities, and the risks and disadvantages of lacking them; and quote stories, fables or historical or literacy references in support of your statements; discuss the importance of social institutions, etc. and expound and discuss philosophical and theological theories. You should reason and support your statements with arguments and facts.

Whatever you write in a reflective essay should be backed by enough authorial quotations but all of these quotations should be properly referenced. Referencing plays an important role in letting you gain top scoring marks for your written reflective essay or paper. Every comment or idea that you read in a reflective essay, research paper, book report, thesis, review, journal article, book or any other written source and you want that comment or idea in your reflective essay, use it but you will have to give full details concerning that source according to the academic pattern that you are employing for your reflective essay writing or you will be accused of plagiarism which is an academic crime similar to theft. Plagiarism leads you towards disqualification in your reflective essay.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is a robbery of words, ideas, comments and content from an available written source. Students take help from research papers, term papers, custom essays, case studies, books, reports and other written content but they should not copy from those places, they can use the comments and ideas of other authors but they have to indicate in their references, the full details concerning those ideas and comments like in text citation, endnotes, footnotes and references list according to the selected pattern of writing such as MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Oxford, Turabian and others.

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