Personal Statement Format Examples For College Students

  • Date: January 4, 2022
Personal Statement Format Examples For College Students

Writing a personal statement after college graduation is pivotal to get admission to university or a job if an essay writer wants to start a professional career. As its name indicates that this statement includes personal and academic information about you. It tells the reader why you are right now and what you want to become soon. Your statement should intrigue the admission office or employer or perhaps they may ignore it altogether. That is why it is important to formulate a good statement. This statement is just an expression of ideas about yourself in a reflective way.

So it does not have any definitive format but there are certain steps that you can follow to write it down. You can use the following personal statement format for your ease. Such a format or certain sequence is important while drafting every document. Without a proper format, the reader might get confused when you shift from one idea to another that is why it is important to follow it.

As you know that you have to write it in essay form but the inclusion of certain information is essential. You will write it from top to bottom without any headings but it should include personal information, academic achievements, your interests beyond the classroom, relevant experience, hobbies, and interests followed by a conclusion.

A proper format to follow

  1. Introduction: The statement is part of your resume and you have already given all the necessary information about yourself in it. In this statement, you would tell your priorities about a particular goal. Whether it is for university admission or for a job the introduction is important. It would also include your purpose of studying a particular course at university.
  2. Personal affiliation: The statement should attach itself by expressing your emotions. In this section, you should include your personal beliefs about the job or university. Emotion does not mean that you talk big or brag about a certain situation. You must be careful in this section and only include relevant emotions and always remember that only a proper statement would help you to get admission or a job.
  3. Academics: In this section, you would discuss your academic goals after joining the university. The goal could be anything as long as it is related to your course study. It is a major part of your statement. As the admission office would know how you can contribute to a particular discipline after joining the university. If you are applying for university admission then this part should cover 75% of your statement.
  4. Futuristic goals: In this section, you would tell the reader how much you have the potential in certain areas. It may include your ability to write a very good journal article in a reputed journal. It may also include how much you are capable of contributing to certain research.
  5. Interests and Hobbies: For the reader’s interest you can also include your hobbies but only in a sentence. You can link it like how a particular hobby has helped you to focus on your academic studies.
  6. Conclusion: The last part of your statement would be the conclusion. In this section, you will summarize all the points mentioned in the statement. You should not include anything new as you have to be precise and coherent. But you can explain your goals for example postgraduate study and career paths.

Things to avoid in statement

  1. You cannot include famous quotes by activists like Nelson Mandela. The reader wants to know about you, not a third person.
  2. Your vocabulary should be simple as it would allow you to convey your message in fewer words. Try to avoid difficult jargon as the reader would lose interest.
  3. Your statement should be free from humor because it is subjective and the reader might get the wrong idea from it. It is good for you to steer clear because the statement is a formal essay about yourself.

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