Overcoming Writer’s Block

  • Date: July 17, 2021
Overcoming Writer’s Block

For many students the worst part of writing an essay is the very beginning. They don’t know how to start. They don’t know what to write. And although they spend quite some time brainstorming for ideas, they can’t come up with anything interesting. This makes them helpless.

They assume that they have nothing to say. Even if they have something to say, they believe that nobody will ever want to read about it. This prevents them from writing.

Even great essay writers like Leo Tolstoy and Earnest Hemingway have suffered from writer’s block from time to time. But they went on to produce masterpieces.

Even if you don’t manage to accomplish that feat, you should at least know how to present your ideas in an essay. This skill is crucial for your academic success.

One way of overcoming writer’s block is to stop taking yourself too seriously. Many students assume that they have to produce a masterpiece. It is perfectly alright to nurture such ambitions, but if the desire to produce a masterpiece prevents you from writing at all, it becomes counter-productive.

Don’t start writing assuming that your essay is going to be the best essay ever written. If that is your goal, you will probably never manage to write even a sentence.

So you sit there, thinking how unworthy you are. But it doesn’t help. Don’t be judgmental. Just start writing. Out of your ramblings, something good will come. Of course, you will probably have to throw stuff out. But every writer does that. Don’t worry about having to litter your floors with balled-up pieces of papers.

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