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My Greatest Influence

School is as difficult as you make it out to be. This is a truth that I have learned all throughout my schooling leading up to my graduation day. Unfortunately I was one of those students who made school incredibly difficult for myself. I did not study as much as I needed to, I stayed up too late at night knowing that I had to be up early every morning, and as a result I would often be too tired in my classes and doze off in the middle of important lessons. I was a mess and I was very lazy. When I had approached my junior year of high-school I wanted to quit. School had proved itself to be too much for me and I had had enough. I expressed this to my mother by declaring, “I can’t do it anymore I’m done”! However I remember her sweet voice of reason encouraging me when she responded with, “we are not quitters”. I chose to push through and I will never forget embracing her after my graduation in the tightest of hugs with tear filled eyes announcing to her, “mom we did it”! I would not be where I am today in life if it wasn’t for my mother insisting that I do not quit on school, and for this reason she is my greatest influence.

For starters, my mother is what I would consider the definition of human strength to be. Often throughout her life she has been faced with adversity that would make most people quiver in fear or crack under pressure. Nevertheless her biggest goal in life is to provide for her family in the best way that she can and nothing in this world can stop her from doing so. When I say nothing can stop her it is not a phrase of exaggeration. She has an adamant refusal to allow any obstical to keep her from being the best mother she can be to her children. She has taught me that human strength is not measured in an individuals ability to avoid conflict, but instead to face life’s problems head on and seek out every possible solution. From applying this to my life I have found myself to be stronger than I ever imagined and I’m thankful for my mother demonstrating this to me.

Following, my mother has the most giving heart of anyone I have never known. When I look at all she has had to sacrifice to see her children prosper I come to question if I could give up as much as she has. She spends thousands of dollars that she rightfully earns on her children to assure that my siblings and I are taken care of. Every day of her life she works hard as a waitress and she doesn’t make much money. Most would lose motivation with this discouraging circumstance, but it is what drives her to work harder. She does not know what it’s like to go on vocation or even take a much deserved break because she knows her hard work will bless her children. In her opinion that is all that matters. My mother is a woman full of selfless ambition. She has shown me that serving others is essential to success in life; as well as the best way to gain honor, humility, and integrity.

In closing, it is very clear to me that my mother’s influence has been a needed part of my personal growth as a human being. I never chose for her to be my mother, but I am more than grateful that she was placed into my life to guide me. Without her wise council I would have made a multitude of foolish decisions in life. As I go on to further my education in college; I will continue to live by the life lessons my mother has taught me. Her influence will always be needed and cherished.

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