My coming of age moment Essay

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Becoming an adult is different for everyone; we experience different emotions and go through completely different situations. The one thing we do share is the growth we all have to go through to become the people we are today. “The body grows slowly and steadily but the soul grows by leaps and bounds. It may come to its full stature in an hour” –L.M. Montgomery, Rilla of Ingleside. My “coming of age” moment came when I started to learn how to drive, it happened so fast that it only felt like a second. My Dad is in the NAVY and is always gone, once I started to drive that allowed me to help my mom in more ways than one. I drove my siblings to and from school, to their clubs and to the supermarket when we needed groceries.

Now I could drive my mom to the hospital when she had important appointments and help with picking important objects up. Receiving my license though required me to become more mature; I needed to be alert at all times, and responsible when behind the wheel, such as knowing not to drive when I’m tired and knowing not to use my phone. I also needed to be responsible when driving because I am now responsible for anyone else who gets into my car and for other drivers as well, because one fatal mistake could have drastic consequences.

Driving is not something I take lightly, my parents give me a huge amount of trust knowing I would never be foolish behind the wheel of a car. This also gives me more freedom; I can drive to the mall or pick up my friends for a night out, doing things I had never done before or done by myself. My parents have always been there for me for every milestone and now that I’m growing older and starting my own life, my parents can’t be there 24/7, being able to drive showed me that.

Even though they make it clear that they are just a phone call away I know that I have a separate life from them. I’m making life altering decisions such as figuring out what I want to do with my life, how I’m going to get there and where I want to do it. I know I want to be a Physical Therapist and go to a University to receive my doctorate but where I have yet to decide. I am jumping onto the next milestone in my long journey that will define the rest of my life and I can’t wait to see how it ends.

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