Methods Of Research And Thesis Writing

  • Date: December 22, 2021
Methods Of Research And Thesis Writing

The thesis can be considered the final hurdle before completion of the graduation. Making an acceptable thesis can be a tough task. However, adequate knowledge of research methods and parts of the thesis can help a thesis or an essay writer in easing the pressure.

Research question

The research question is the first major section of the thesis. Research methods can help in framing an appropriate research question. Researchers can go through some past research before the research question can be finalized. It is important to note that the question should match the scope of the research. You can have many research questions to judge which one is the most suitable for your thesis. It will be easier to present the questions if the topic is already well established in past literature.


This is the most difficult part of the thesis because it involves the actual practice by the researcher. Successful thesis writing depends upon the choice and successful completion of the methodology section. This includes reviewing the base from which your argument is generated. When you complete this section, you can know whether your research results are in accordance with the hypothesis stated in the earlier section. At this stage, the researcher is in a position to start shaping the final thesis.

Data Collection

Within the research methodology, data can be primary or secondary in nature. Research methods allow different techniques to handle these kinds of data. If the research question is about testing some causal relationship, the internet will be the best source of data collection. There are many other considerations related to the data collection. Research methods put forward different types of data and their collection methods will be different as well.

The categorical variables are those whose responses will be in non-overlapping categories. The best example can be taken for gender. Ordinal variables have some kind of order associated with them. You can use a scale from highly dissatisfied to highly satisfied to use the ordinal variable.

The major characteristic of this data is that the difference between the two parts of the scale is not meaningful. The interval scale is numerical in nature but there is no absolute zero in this data. The ratio scale is the most powerful scale with an absolute zero and meaningful distance between the steps. Keeping these differences in view, researchers should use the appropriate scales for measuring the variables.


The results will be arranged according to the kind of research undertaken. The cause and effect aspects will be presented to see if the relationship between the variables is statistically significant or not. You may have to run the analysis more than once to make sure that the relationships are statistically significant or not. The researcher will have to come up with a large number of tables in this section to make sure that the reader understands the results completely.


The conclusion section states the acceptance or rejection of the null hypothesis. There is a minimal role in the research method in this section. The researcher states the answer to the research question in this section. The role of research methods is restricted to the analysis of past research.

Generally, the research should adhere to the results of past studies. If the results are different and you are using the same methodology as a past study, you should recheck your research methods.

A professional researcher or an essay writing service can help point out any deficiencies in your methodology as well. There are some limitations stated in the research methodology in the end. These limitations provide an idea to the reader about the scope of the study. These limitations provide the reasons why certain results have been reached.

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