Learn how to start an essay with a strong essay introduction

  • Date: April 12, 2022
Learn how to start an essay with a strong essay introduction

So you are planning to eat the dinner that you have worked hard to cook. You must be hungry and want to try. Oh, wait! You forgot to put salt and now your food is bland. Will you still eat it? Of course not. Who likes to eat a bland meal?

Likewise, if you are planning to read a paper or a book, the introductory paragraph can either elevate your interest or reduce it.

Got a task to write an essay? Remember! your introduction can make it or break it for you. So, I spent a lot of time writing a catchy introduction that immediately grabs readers’ introduction. Are you struggling to write an essay introduction that not only explains your topic but also engages the reader? If yes, then you have landed at the right place. I am here to help you out.

Below there are a few tips that will help an essay writer out in crafting the introduction of his essay that is worth reading. So, without wasting time, let’s jump right into it.

Hook the readers

Your first sentence determines the tone of your essay. It is recommended to avoid long sentences instead of starting with something simple, clear, and concise and is relevant to the topic. You need to select your audience and then write the hook according to that. If you are a student, then your audience is academic so you won’t have to worry about coming up with an exciting hook.

Tips: You can start your essay either by s surprising fact or a question or even a quotation. Avoid using clichés, dictionary definition, and sweeping claims.

Give background information

The main aim of your essay is to let your readers have an idea about the topic you have chosen. So, it is imperative to provide sufficient background information about the topic as well. Depending upon your topic, the background information comprises historical or social context, definitions of terms that are not familiar, and a summary of scholarly theories related to the topic.

Note: Don’t add a lot of details in the introduction. Instead, keep it short and mention only important points.

Establish a thesis statement

The thesis statement is a building block of your essay. To write an effective statement all you need to do is to determine the essay type first. For an argumentative essay, you need to take one side of the argument and then defend it later in the body paragraphs. If your essay is expository or analytical then you need to mention the main point that your essay will be exploring or discussing in the body paragraphs.

Not sure how to write an effective thesis statement; do not risk your grades, Rather try an online essay writing service where they have a team of professionals who can help you not only craft an essay but also help you modify your content and proofread it as well.

Re-read and revise

After you have written an introduction it is important to revise so that you can make corrections. You can also take help from your friends and ask them to proofread it.

Remember! After the completion of the essay, you need to re-check the introductory paragraphs to see if it matches the rest of your essay or not. If you find any information irrelevant then you can edit it and modify it. If you want to complete writing your essay first and then write the introduction in the last, then you also need to follow the above steps to craft an effective introduction.

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