Key Differences between Fictional and NonFictional Essay Writing

  • Date: April 18, 2022
Key Differences between Fictional and NonFictional Essay Writing

There are many types of academic essays: narrative essay, expository essay, descriptive essay, research essay, fiction essays, nonfiction essay, and many more. Most of the students get confused between fiction and nonfiction essays due to their names. Do you ever find yourself wondering which one is based on a real story and which one is based on fabricated stories? Let me help you with this one. Nonfiction implies No fiction which means this kind of essay is based on factual and real stories and the other one is based on fictional stories.

I know it must be a difficult task to write a fiction and nonfiction essay but you no longer need to wonder how to write my essay. Trust me once you know the differences between them it becomes more of an ease for you to write both the essays. You don’t have to worry because I am here to help you understand the differences between each.

  1. 1. Fiction is based on imagination vs Nonfiction is based on true storiesFiction essays are based on imagination and fabricated stories. Here, everything is written according to the imagination of the writer. The entire story and the characters are imaginary. While nonfiction essays are based on true stories, historic facts, and figures.
  2. 2. Fiction is more elaborateIn fiction essays, the writer has the liberty to describe the fantasies and the imagination without any limit. The writer can make a plot and imaginary characters beyond reality. There are no boundaries to be followed, you can go ahead and be as creative as you can.

    While, in a nonfiction essay, you have to write a true story based on facts and figures. Non-fiction essays relocate the facts.

  3. 3. Fiction essays can be interpreted through different perspectivesFiction essays can be interpreted in different ways by the readers. They can perceive different meanings of the story as per their own imagination. Similarly, the non-fiction stories have direct meaning and nonfiction stories do not have multiple interpretations.
  4. 4. References are required for a Non-fiction essayThe non-fiction essay contains information based on true events, facts, and figures which require an authentic and reliable source. You have to add references while writing such stories. However, fiction stories do not require references because it does not depend on any facts and real stories.

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