How To Write Visual Analysis Essay: Guide for Beginners

  • Writer: Harold Shewmaker
  • Date: September 22, 2022
How To Write Visual Analysis Essay: Guide for Beginners

Today we are going to explain how to write a visual analysis essay in detail and get the grade you seek. This is one of those papers that looks very simple and ordinary, but it is far from that. For the lack of a better word, this is one of those writings where you will have to invest a lot of time and where you will have to use your imagination.


All visual analysis essays are complex simply because there is no way we can generalize all the elements of them. Furthermore, all of these will be complicated due to the fact you need to express in your own words what you see and what you think about what you see.


As you can deduce, this means that you need to have proper writing skills and pay close attention to writing a visual analysis essay properly. For most students, this can be complicated. Completing an image analysis essay can be even impossible in some cases. This happens when you don’t know the basics, and you don’t understand what you need to do.


Now we will guide you through the visual analysis essay assignment process and explain all the steps you need to do, and even present your topics that will make this writing easier. Without further ado, let’s begin.


What Is Visual Analysis Essay?


Before we start with how to write a good visual analysis and other details, you need to know what this type of assignment is. What is a visual analysis essay? What is the main purpose here? In a nutshell, you will have to analyze an image or a picture. It is not as simple as you may think. You will have to reveal the purpose of the artists, the audience of that image, how the image was composed, and also its historical context. As you can see, all of this makes things complicated.


This is the main reason why some students need write my essay for me option and why they have been using it for years. It makes things easier and allows them to focus more on the assignments they like and want to work on. We can add that these assignments are the most commonly avoided due to the complicated steps and not direct guidelines.


We can add that you may have to explain an object and not an image. The foal is the same, and you will still need to conduct a proper analysis and include all the details you need. In a nutshell, there are two main types here. The first one is formal. You will have to explain the lines, colors, and all you can see with your eye. This is a more common option, and we can say it is a bit easier. An image analysis essay of this kind is more straightforward. The second type is contextual analysis. Here you will need to explain the purpose of the art, the artist’s goal, and the touch with the audience. visual analysis essay pictures can be interesting for some students.


Elements of a Visual Analysis Essay


You may believe that there are not a lot of elements here and that you will complete this writing assignment as soon as possible. In reality, this is a mistake. There are 11 elements of art history, visual analysis essay, or any other type. Art elements and the principles of design of the work are mandatory, and they have a huge role in writing. You will use these to produce the best copy and impress your professor. In addition, you will make the whole process easier once you know more about these.


    1. Composition – Here, you will need to explain how the elements are related. Who is the main character? Who is left out? How are these placed on the image? This is a very important element and something that is considered mandatory.


    1. Elements of design – Artists must use lines, colors, and so much more. Here you will need to explain these and how they are used. It basically means that you will need to focus on how the art was created. You also need to understand these more.


    1. Focal point – The focal point is how or what the artist used to attract the attention of the audience. Usually, it means understanding the main purpose of the art.


    1. Color – Explain how colors are used and how they affect the mood and the tone of the art.


    1. Lines – How are lines used to attract the attention of the viewer?


    1. Texture – Is the art smooth or rough? Is it two dimensional or three-dimensional piece of art?


    1. Shape – Explain here which shapes the artist used and how.


    1. Form – It is focused on lights and shadows used in that piece of art, and it can be complicated to explain.


    1. Value – How and why the artist has used light and dark aspects and in what link.


    1. Size – Here, you will need to explain the generic size of the art.


    1. Symbolic element – If art has some symbolic element, you will need to find it and explain it in detail.


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Visual Principles of Design in Writing an Analysis Essay


Once you know all about the visual elements, we can move to visual principles. There are 10 of these, and they are important, as you can assume. Here we will discuss them and explain all of them in detail. Keep in mind that visual analysis essay definition and mandatory visual analysis essay format suggest you need to know about these, and you need to incorporate these into your next paper. Now you can truly see why so many students want to pay to write essay option and get the paper done within minutes or hours. In some cases, it is the main and the most effective perk you need to know about and use.


    • Balance – Here, you must explain the symmetrical, radial, and asymmetrical balance of the art.


    • Emphasis – This is the main object that will draw your attention when you look at the art.


    • Movement – You will have to explain the objects or other elements that appear multiple times.


    • Pattern – Basically, here, you need to reveal how colors affect the art and in which way.


    • Proportion – Define the connection and how the objects are linked in the art.


    • Variety – How all the objects here are used to create one specific mood of the art.


    • Contrast – Define the opposing object in that art.


    • Hierarchy – Define how people can define and process that specific piece of art.


    • Rhythm – The link between repetitive objects used.


    • Layout – Where and how the objects are placed in that piece of art. Explain in detail.


How to Write a Visual Analysis Paper: Step by Step


Before we move to the analysis essay examples visual analysis, we need to give you some guidelines and some details on how you can write this paper by yourself. Visual papers are very complicated, as we have stated countless times, so you will want to use this guide, and you will always get a simpler outcome. Yes, you will have to write about pictures, but to make this fun, always use all the steps below. Don’t forget that you need to conduct a proper analysis, and you need to pay close attention to all the elements we have revealed above.


    1. Collect all the information you can

      The first step is the most time-consuming. You will have to collect as much data and pieces of the infraction as you can. You need strong essays on visual statements, and for that, you need details. This can take anywhere between 1 day and 1 month, so be prepared to take your time and use it properly. Only once you have all the details should you move to the next step. Trying to compete for this paper with poor data or lack of it will not do you any good, and you will be left with a poor paper that won’t impress your readers!


    1. Describe the picture

      Here we have an interesting step. You will need to explain the main goal of that art, when and how it was created, the mood of the picture, and so much more. In general, write about the main setting here and also explain the story of why the art was created. You also need to identify all the characters of the art and explain them as well.


    1. Perform detailed analysis

      Now you will have to take a deep look into all the elements we have discussed above and explain each one. As you can see, this is a very time-consuming task. You may want to check and learn more about essays for sale when you are doing this step. These can help you more than you can imagine and usually speed up the whole process.


    1. Create an outline

      Keep in mind that these assignments have an introduction, main paragraphs, and conclusion. You need to say something about the artist in the introduction. In the main paragraphs, you will have to examine the art in detail and cover all the elements (the ones we have discussed above). In conclusion, you need to provide a brief summary of the main topic and the art.


    1. Citations

      You will have to use citations in your paper. It means that you did your research, and you can provide a much better paper. At the same time, you need to follow specific rules on how you can do this without making a mistake. If you make a mistake here, you will end up with plagiarism which can be a huge problem.


    1. Proofread and edit your paper

      The last step is critical. You need to proofread your paper with fresh eyes, and you need to correct any mistakes seen. Keep in mind that you may have to get help from your friend if you are not proficient with proofreading. This will polish your paper and help you get the grade you like and need.


Visual Analysis Essay Topics


Here we have visual analysis essay examples of titles that you can use and can learn more about. Each visual analysis example is different and common, so you will probably have to write on that topic or something similar. These have huge importance, and we can see these being used by all students all over the world. A good visual analysis essay will probably be linked to one of these titles more than you can imagine, and they will give you a preview or at least help you understand what you need to do. Always remember that choosing the topic you like is one of the main benefits you can get. This means that you will do something you like or you are interested in, and therefore you can expect a much better outcome which translates to a much better grade. Writing about something you don’t like or you don’t have any interest in is not ideal. It can be a huge problem, in fact.


    1. Detailed analysis of Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss 1907-1908


    1. Explain how visual elements are used in Almond Blossom by Vincent van Gogh 1888-1890


    1. Identity and Seated Harlequin by Picasso in 1901


    1. Examine the themes used in Paul Klee’s The Tree of Houses from 1918


    1. The main purpose and also the main goal of Lindsay Key was created by Robert Mapplethorpe in 1985


    1. Describe Two Boys with Fish by Mario Macilau from 2018


    1. Kevin Carter’s Starving Child and Vulture 1993


    1. Philippe Halsman’s Dali Atomicus: The story here 1948


    1. Modern art and Couple on Seat were created by Lynn Chadwick in 1984


    1. Analyze and explain the biblical context of Pieta created by Michelangelo


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Visual Analysis Essay Outline


Visual analysis essay sample art starts with the outline. This is the plan you will need to complete and follow. Basically, here you will create all the facts, points, and main elements that you must use in writing later on.


All the essay examples visual analysis essay have the same thing, and each essay comes with this first, but you can’t see it. Anyway, in this case, the scenario, you will need to start with more details, and you will need to pay close attention to the elements we have to explain here.


The purpose is impressive, and you can see a huge appeal of the outline due to a simple reason. You can easily make a better paper. It is an important element of a visual analysis essay writing guide.


    • Introduction: You need to start with a brief introduction to the topic. Then you will have to say something about the artist and the piece of art. If possible, use some interesting facts. They are always a great idea. Here you also have to explain the main elements of the art you want to analyze. In this case scenario, you will end the intro using a thesis statement. This may sound weird, but it is the way to go.


    • Body: This is the biggest part of your assignment and one that has huge importance. You will need to have 3 or more ideas. You will need to defend them using actual facts and details that are all accurate, specific, and related to that piece of art. There is no need to add that here. You will have to stay focused on the elements we have covered above, both types. Take a look at any visual analysis essay example, and you will see the overall complexity and specifics that make this process hard.


    • Conclusion: In the visual analysis conclusion, you will have to end the paper and make your thesis even stronger. This section must be well-completed, and it must come with a strong deduction or main idea. Don’t make it too long or too short.


How to Start an Art Essay


To start your paper, you will need to be focused on several elements and incorporate them into your paper. You will have to start with claims and explain each one. These are basic facts about the art you are analyzing. If you have an outline of described visual, this process is much easier. Then explain the visual composition and the genre paired with text. These are a bit easier to complete, but they do have a lot of variations, so stay focused. Appeal, selling, and story are the next elements here. The first one is to define how the art is interesting to the audience. The second is to define is there a sale pitch claim, and the last is the story behind the art you are analyzing.


Art Thesis Statement Examples & Tips


As you can see, writing a visual analysis essay is far from an easy and simple task. You will need to check some of the examples, and you will have to be focused on the details and specifics used in them. This can give you a better idea of what your main goal is and how you can make your own assignment fit the requirements. The example is mandatory to know about. The analysis will be much easier, and with a more detailed analysis, you can complete the task in less time. Anyway, here are a few tips you need to know before you start this process.


    • Your main purpose when doing analysis is to examine both types of elements we have described above. Try to explain what meaning and how these affect the art you are defining.


    • You will have to provide detailed comments and specifics about the organization. This is of huge importance, and it will make the whole progress a bit easier to understand.


    • Try to relate that piece of art with other pieces you have completed already, and know more about.


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How to Write Visual Analysis Body Paragraphs


A huge part of the visual analysis essay structure is the main section. Here you will need to write on several different levels. There are two main elements you need to complete, and you need to stay focused as much as possible.


Basically, here you will be focused on the analysis and the description. The first element is the description, and here, you need to provide basic facts and the one you can see with your eye. The second is analysis. Try to explain how the artist made that art and what he used. Basically, you need to analyze the art and provide that analysis to the readers.


Here you will also have to add an interpretation of that art. The last thing is evaluation. Here you need to explain why that piece of art is so important and beneficial.


Visual Analysis Essay Conclusion


Yes, this is the last part of your process, and you need to be careful here. Try to link the art with another art or try to explain its significance as easily as possible. You can also say something about the reaction people had when they saw that piece of art for the first time and the reaction they have today (if it is an old piece of art).


In general, you don’t have to restate your thesis and try to keep things detailed and straightforward. This will help you leave an impression on the reader, which is one of the main things you need to aim for.

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