How to Write a Short 500-word Essay

  • Date: December 14, 2021
How to Write a Short 500-word Essay

Short essays are required when you apply for some scholarship and it requires you to answer a specific question. The topic of this essay may range from some complex political topics to very simple personal milestones. The prompt may suggest 500 words as the maximum limit or the minimum limit. So, In the following lines, we will take a look at how to write a short 500 words essay.


This section allows the writer to engage the reader on the topic. This paragraph has simple language and explains the topic to the reader completely. A good essay writer will make sure that the introduction section comprises 75-125 words and ends with a thesis statement.

A thesis statement is presented in the form of a question that is answered in the last section of the essay. A good introduction section will force the readers to go through the whole essay. It should also lead towards the development of a thesis statement automatically so that the reader is taken step by step from one part to the other.

The writer will have to adjust the length of this section according to the prompt given. If 500 words are a minimum requirement, the writer may write as long as the introduction is complete with the thesis statement. If this is the maximum requirement, the writer may have to summarise the paragraph with the thesis statement. An example of a thesis statement is given below.

‘Kids who get more involved in physical activities than indoor video games have better health’.


The body will require 2 or 3 paragraphs related to the thesis statement presented in the first section. Each paragraph will have a distinct opening and conclusion sentences. To maintain the flow in writing, the writer should make sure that the ending of each paragraph should be related to the opening of the next paragraph. To get good guidelines on how to write a flowing body section of the essay, you can use a legit essay writing service to craft you some good model body paragraphs that go with your introduction.

Remember, the body paragraphs should show the advantages of physical activities against playing video games. The writer can use words like additionally and connect one paragraph to the others. This section may include obesity as a negative impact on playing too many video games. The writer should include some facts about obesity at the start of the paragraph.

Another point can be raised about the medical health of the kids who play too much of the video games. This part may include the effects on eyesight and other primary organs. The last paragraph may include the dietary difference between the kids involved in the physical activities and those who are not.


This section will reaffirm the thesis statement based on the arguments presented in the body paragraphs. The writer should write the whole argument in a way that the reader accepts the thesis statement after going through the body paragraphs. When the readers reach the conclusion with this mindset, they already know what to expect in this section. This section will be different if the essay is a maximum of 500 words.

This paragraph will contain a maximum of 100 words in this incidence. The writers will have to be very precise and they will only state the affirmation of the thesis statement in the light of arguments presented in the body. If the paragraph is a minimum of 500 words, the writer will have to expand this section by adding some of their own opinions. However, they should make sure that the essay remains as close as possible to the 500-word limit.

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