How to Write a Literature Review for a Qualitative Research Paper

  • Date: December 12, 2021
How to Write a Literature Review for a Qualitative Research Paper

Writing a literature review sometimes requires a lot of struggle. A literature review is an elaborative overview of all the knowledge available by different authors on your specific topic to date. It is the basic pillar of your research, as it involves the context, background, relevance of your research, and also provides a hint to your research question. Stating the literature in ascending order will make it more interesting to the audience as this will create a narrative tone for the reader.

It’s really fine if an essay writer is assigned to write a literature review for his qualitative research. Now, you might be overthinking how to write a literature review for your dissertation. Don’t panic! You just have to dust off your boots, grab a chair with a coffee in your hand and start skimming short summaries of different research journals

Writing a Literature Review

This guide will provide you with a detailed overview of each step which you need to follow to get a good score on your literature review

    1. 1. Focus on the areas of your research

This section is a little time consuming for those who have never done this activity before. Well, you just need to decide what areas you might be focusing on research. Just try to be concise with books and articles only, as it will not mess you out. Sometimes, your professor might ask to restrict you with either primary or secondary sources. The primary sources will include legal documents, websites, statistical data, eyewitnesses, speeches, etc. Whist, the secondary sources will be including scholarly articles/journals, magazines, newspapers, documentaries, etc.

    1. 2. Start searching for your literature

Here you need to conduct a comprehensive search of books and articles. You just need to put different keywords related to your topic and start exploring what comes in front of you. Just to avoid back pain and loss of interest, set your time frame for how long you will be searching this. Opt for different articles as they are less time consuming than going through the book (only if you are not confined to do so). It would not take much but just 2 or 3 dedicated sessions that you will put on.

    1. 3. Extract the relevant knowledge

Start skimming the contents of your relevant book, academic articles, and journals and look into these things more precisely;

      • Definitions of new terms
      • Claims, findings and the conclusions
      • Prospects for future research
      • Gaps in literature
      • Agreement or disagreement about the constructs

As you will be successfully able to extract these five things, just arrange these all in a word document. Just remember to note down the name of the author as well. Add page numbers following each point. This would be helpful for you and will consume less time for the next moment you will look into it. After getting this done, just print out your findings.

    1. 4. Getting deep into your findings

Get these pieces of findings into sequential order. Start figuring out the central themes of each finding. Compile every alike theme together.

    1. 5. Create your own concept

In your word document, start typing in bold about each piled up the theme. Start questioning yourself on how the specific theme correlates with your upcoming research. Put it simply, just start doing brainstorming and build each concept that relates back to your research question.

    1. 6. Penning down your literature

Now it’s up to you where you want to start your review because now you are much able to connect back your themes with your own research question. Just don’t forget to cite every content, because it’s the heart of writing a literature review.

This guideline will serve as a purpose for every individual who wants to write an effective review of the literature. On the other hand, you can also take help from an essay writing service. Simply, place your order and get a perfect literature review at affordable rates.

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