How to write a descriptive essay outline for your high school essay?

  • Date: April 3, 2022
How to write a descriptive essay outline for your high school essay?

A descriptive essay is used to describe some event, person, or a place. Being a high school student, it is better to outline the descriptive essay before going for the final version. The outline will tell the audiences what to expect in the final version and which part will be the most interesting for them.

Another benefit of the outline will be the possibility of correction before the original essay is written. There is a possibility to add or subtract some points to the outline before the final version is written. Just like a descriptive essay, its outline will comprise of introduction, body, and conclusion. In the following lines, we will talk in detail about all these parts.


The essay writer needs to get the audience involved with the essay from the very start. A hook sentence will serve the purpose. A descriptive essay outline with such a sentence will keep the readers interested from the very beginning. The second part of the outline will develop the context for the whole essay. The reader will know what to expect from the essay and its relative importance for you and the audiences simultaneously.

The thesis statement will provide a short but complete summary of the whole work. The subject described and the reason for describing it will be included in the thesis statement. Introducing a place may point to the architectural beauty of the time at which it was built. Introducing a person may include some differentiating characteristics. An example can be given regarding the descriptive essay about a person. The hook sentence will include some major achievements made by the person.

The writer will develop the context by summarising the life of the personality. The thesis statement will give a thinking point to the audiences. It may state that personality improved the lives of people in bulk. This statement will be proven with the help of examples in the next section.


There are usually three body paragraphs in the descriptive essay. The outline will also include the major points of all three paragraphs. There are many ways to develop the outline for the body paragraphs. It may include the topic sentences for all these paragraphs.

The outline will include the points which will be further elaborated in the actual essay. These points should cover the sensory as well as actual details. Some transition words should also be used in the outline so that the continuity between the parts of the outline. You can use bullet points to illustrate the points which have to be included in the body.

Continuing with the example of a descriptive essay on personality, the outline of body paragraphs may include some events stated in a single line that support the thesis statement. These points will let the readers know what to expect in the final essay concerning these points.


The conclusion provides a summary of all main points and a final sentence that combines all the points stated in the essay. The outline will reiterate the major points of the essay. The conclusion will give the details by going through some important points but the outline will state these points very briefly.

This section will also state that the thesis statement has been supported and the leader changed the lives of people in bulk. The outline will include the clincher statement which may reinforce the whole scenario or leave the reader with a thinking point. You should provide this statement in the outline so that the reader is forced to read the whole essay. Finally, always get your essay proofread by someone else, preferably by a professional essay writing service online, so they can help you point out any missing elements.

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