How to Write a Classification Essay?

  • Date: April 6, 2022
How to Write a Classification Essay?

A classification essay demands the students to categorize different topics and sub-topics to write in the essay. Sometimes, students feel difficulties in writing a classification essay given the essay requires proper research and planning before writing. This blog is going to help the students how they can easily and properly write their classification essay.

Read carefully the following guidelines and practice writing your essay after understanding these guidelines:


If you haven’t received or been assigned any topic, the first thing you need to do is to brainstorm and think about the topic. Once you have found the topic or if you have one already assigned, you have to brainstorm and find different ideas. It will be included in your essay to make it a challenging and acceptable one.

Plan and Research

The very first thing that an essay writer needs to do is to select the topic and plan what he needs to write on the topic. Once you’ve selected the topic, you must have a structure and categories of different sub-topics in mind. Now, start your research and gather relevant information for each category and sub-topic. Keep noting down the information found during research on a rough draft.

Structure your Essay

Now, it is time to make a structure for your essay. An essay generally follows the structure of Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. The introduction carries the thesis statement and claims followed by some useful information on the context and background of the topics. In the body of a classification essay, you will require to use headings and subheadings for writing upon different categories and sub-topics that you had planned earlier. The conclusion will sum up and conclude all the discussion you made in the essay.

How to write Introduction

In the introductory paragraph, introduce your topic with some context and background. Then give some highlights on the categories and sub-topics that you are going to focus on in your essay. Finally, write the Thesis Statement of your classification essay in which you will clearly state the main agenda, theme, or concern that you will discuss and prove through your essay.

Body of the Essay

When you have written your introduction and thesis statement, you are pretty clear about what you have to write and the ideas are already striking your mind. Begin writing the body of your essay by dividing the information and discussion into categories, headings, and subheadings. For example, the body of the essay may look like:

Category – 1: Important points, comparisons, strengths, weaknesses, and examples

Category – 2: Important points, comparisons, strengths, weaknesses, and examples

Category – 3: Important points, comparisons, strengths, weaknesses, and examples

These are some general examples. You can structure the body paragraphs according to the topic assigned to you and its requirements as demanded by your teacher. If you face troubles and difficulties in writing your essay, the essay writing service can help you to resolve your problems and concerns at best. These services work with professional and expert writers who are always well-aware of the needs and requirements of the students.

Writing Conclusion

After you have finished writing the body paragraphs divided into categories, take a short and brief look at the paragraphs and check if you are missing any important thing in the essay such as any relevant information or example, cohesion and coherence, and the relevance to the main topic and thesis statement. If you are not lacking anything, move ahead and write down your conclusion.

Here, you sum up all the discussion briefly and concisely. You can restate your thesis statement or prove it highlighting a couple of major points and keywords. In your conclusion, you can also suggest a specific category out of all you discussed only if required or you feel suitable.

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