How To Reference A Website In Harvard Citation

  • Date: March 10, 2022
How To Reference A Website In Harvard Citation

There’s no denying academic writing when you serve your life as a student. When placing their resourceful ideas on a page, students often get lost. Some educational institutions have their own basic essay templates, so understanding each of them and following their guides when composing papers is necessary.

A commonly used format in academic writing is the Harvard Anglica style. It’s one of those formats students routinely get confused over. However, you’ve stumbled upon the right article, which will facilitate you through a comprehensive guide about Harvard citation style, underpinning all its requirements. This will also help an essay writer in avoiding plagiarism, which is a serious offense though!

Why is referencing essential?

Whenever you write down something, and if you are quoting someone else’s work too then it is good to reference them. So for that, you will be putting in-text citations as well as the detailed reference list at the end of your work.

  1. It is essential for relevant research work.
  2. It improves your writing specialties.
  3. It can help you in getting good scores.
  4. It reduces the amount of plagiarism.
  5. It depicts that you have researched well for your particular topic.
  6. It adds authenticity to your particular data.

Harvard Standard Guide

  1. Title: Center, with the same font as the rest text, following the full name of the writer
  2. Font style: Times New Roman or Arial
  3. Size of the font: 12 pt
  4. Page margins: 1- inch on top, side, and bottom
  5. Line spacing ratio: 2.0 (double)
  6. Header: A short version of the paper’s title, with a page number on the top right with five spaces between them
  7. Alignment: left side

Harvard Referencing Style

Bibliography and referencing list can be used interchangeably. And it is being put at the end of every assignment, research article, or journal.

General citation

Here the format style is to cite a website. So it includes the author’s name or publishing body, editing staff, and also the date of the paper on which it was last updated.

  • Apply the citation where it fits the context.
  • Apply in-text citation whenever you will paraphrase something.


Topic: Exercise as a Best Preventer in Osteoporosis

“For osteoporotic conditions, aerobic activity is deemed an important way of promoting osteogenesis of the bone. The bone density is also essential to the general wellbeing of an individual. And, if the bones lack cohesion they will quickly crack (Senderovich and Kosmopoulos, 2018).”

“Giangregorio and colleagues (2014) postulated that osteoporosis is considered a “silent illness” and when a bone splits one cannot detect any shifts. And the bones have been losing their energy for several years all the time. Similarly, bone is the foundation of life.”

So here the page number has not mentioned, however, it will enlighten the idea of applying the Harvard referencing style.

Format for Website

The order will be;

  • Author name
  • Year when the documented was last updated
  • Title of the website (italics)
  • Available at: URL
  • Recent accessed date

It will look like this,

  • In-text citation(Author name Surname Year)

    (Fitzgerald, 2019)

  • ReferencesFitzgerald, F., 2019. The Great Gatsby.

    Available at:

    [Accessed 23 June 2020].

What about the Long URL?

If you got a URL that is too long, then you can apply this tip. Because putting a long URL will make your reference a bit clumsy, which can bore your audience.

  • Use slash markers to break the URL appropriately.
  • If okay, then give the URL of the website home page.

This complete guide will help you reference a website in Harvard citation. However, if you are still confused, get professional help from an essay writing service. They will guide you to cite your sources appropriately.

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