How to Make Strong Arguments in an Argumentative Essay

  • Date: November 6, 2021
How to Make Strong Arguments in an Argumentative Essay

Arguments are hard. Argumentative essays are harder. It is always a challenge to make someone see your perspective because the burden of proof lies with the person who dares to disagree and initiate an argument.

The Burden of Proof!

Look at it this way. Things were going smoothly until you decided to write an argumentative essay. There was no dissent and no conflict. Since you are the one who has stood up to refute a point of view, you need to get everything right to sound legit… For this, it is always better to consult an essay writer service.

A Word of Advice…(And a Possible Escape)

If you are not interested in the argument at all and you couldn’t care less about the burden of proof. This essay is something that you have been dreading and your professor seems to be the one who is interested in the burden of proof. If all you are interested in is your grade being salvaged, you can stop reading right now.

You can always access an authentic online writing service that offers its services 24/7. Such an essay writing service has professional writers who know all about the burden of proof and they don’t mind presenting it either!

If you are thinking, “The only person who can help me is a genie who can ‘write my essay for me”, now you know such genies exist. You can decide while I give you some tips because, well, it is always good to know!

The Thesis, Again…!

You need to know that no matter what kind of essay you are writing, you need to come up with a very strong thesis statement. It is this thesis that you have to work with throughout the rest of your essay. So, you have to make sure that it is authentic and can be defended with scientific evidence.

Evidence and Proof (Don’t let logic go!)

Talking of evidence, you cannot get away with claiming anything in your academic argumentative essay. Every topic sentence in all the body paragraphs has to be corroborated by scholarly, peer-reviewed articles. Whatever you do, don’t ever plagiarize!

Once you have taken care of the evidence, you have to structure the essay in the right way. Make sure that the argument flows smoothly. All the inductive and deductive logic have to be cohesive and transitions from one supporting the idea to another have to be free from any bumps.

Have the Heart to Present the Counterargument…

An argument is not an argument if it does not explain the counterargument. Your thesis will only be embellished by a recounting of all the points that you are trying to refute. Present the dissent in a detailed and explanatory way because you want your reader to make an unbiased and clear decision by knowing both sides of the story.

The dissent must be cohesive and detailed but take care to not go overboard and spend more space, time, and energy in presenting the other perspective than you do in presenting yours.

Again, present evidence. Whatever you say has to be backed up by authentic sources so that your content becomes reliable and legitimate. An argument and a legit argument can be two completely different entities. If you are confused about writing strong arguments, consult the best essay writing service now.

Conclude it Well!

Once all is said and done, take some time to map out a conclusion that restates your thesis and connects it to all the supporting arguments made. A good argument has to be closed in a proper way. Tie all the loose ends. Make sure that an essay writer reads the essay once before he writes the concluding paragraph. Don’t leave things unexplained or open.

You need to close the argument but it is imperative to understand that you need to leave the reader with something to think about. The readers need to feel like they are free to make the decision as far as this argument is concerned. Remember, you are not writing a persuasive essay but an argumentative essay. Do not let the boundaries blur!

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