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So, you want to become a lawyer one day. Whether you have just graduated from college or you have been working for years, the same rules apply in making it to law school.

Have a great GPA

If you have graduated more than a decade ago, your undergraduate GPA will remain the same and will still matter when applying for law school. Even if you have been worked in a related industry had done well or taken extra courses, your GPA will still be the basis along with your LSAT. Present your other college achievements with a good describe yourself essay.

Score well in your LSAT

You can at least retake your LSAT to increase your index. This is especially important if your GPA is lower than is ideal. Even if you have a really high GPA and some significant working experience, you still cannot apply to a law school without having taken the LSAT.

Add a dash of experience

Write a great self-introduction essay for your law school admissions. Include achievements that you have not already written in your college resume. Admissions officers want to know more about you beyond your grades and scores.

In short, no matter who you are, you need to have a good combination of GPA and LSAT to get into law school.


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