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The waitlist can sometimes be worse than a straight rejection. You often don’t know where to go, especially if you have been waitlisted for a college that you really want to attend. You can’t just look at the stars for answers, though; you have to make your next few moves.

Decide based on reality and statistics

So, are you going to wait it out or are you going to ditch the possibility for something more definite? Sometimes, it is hard to make a decision when a dream school is involved. However, it is time to face reality. If your dream school is Duke University, for example, you just might want to focus on the other schools in your list. The university is known for accepting less than a hundred even when they have thousands in the waiting list.

If you don’t really like the college or if you feel you don’t really have much of a chance in that school, you just might give up your slot in the waiting list. By doing this, you are giving others a stronger chance of getting in. On the other hand, if you want in then you must immediately send another essay about yourself that show just how interested you are in the college.

Study your list of college choices

Start looking at your other options. Compare your college admissions resume against the requirements of the other colleges you are applying to. See if you have stronger chances in those schools and focus on them.

A waitlist does not mean that you have to remain in inaction. You have to study your next steps more carefully.


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