How To Draft A Thesis Introduction?

  • Date: March 16, 2022
How To Draft A Thesis Introduction?

Do you have to write a thesis for your degree? Do you want to write a successful thesis? Well, if you want to draft an effective thesis, you should know that the introduction of your thesis would decide if your thesis is going to be successful or not. Therefore, you should know how to effectively draft a thesis introduction that will lead to a successful thesis. The introduction is the first chapter of your thesis in which you grab the attention of the reader, it is also used to set a stage for your research by enlightening the reader about the background of the problem and clearly stating the direction and purpose of the thesis.

Before you begin writing the introduction of your thesis, an essay writer should know the main purpose of a thesis introduction.

The main purpose of the thesis introduction

  • Captivate the reader’s interest: after reading the introduction many readers decide if they are going to continue reading the thesis or not. In the introduction, you should develop the reader’s interest by stating facts and using clear words.
  • Introducing the topic: To tell the reader what the topic is about and what they can expect in the thesis.
  • To demonstrate your authority over the topic and its relevance. You should be able to convince the reader that you are well aware of the topic and your research is relevant to the concerned problem.

Starting the thesis introduction

The introduction is the first chapter of your thesis but there is no compulsion that you should write it first. The most efficient practice is to create a rough draft of your introduction by looking at the research proposal. You can keep updating your thesis introduction until you find it perfectly updated as per the established scope and purpose of your thesis. An effective thesis introduction should have the following elements:

  • Topic and context: You should begin your thesis introduction by providing brief and basic background information on the topic. You must slowly contextualize your thesis and should be able to persuade readers that the research is relevant and important.
  • Scope and focus: After giving background information and contextualizing your topic, now, you must define the territory of your research. You should narrow down the topic of your research. For example, your research could be focusing on a specific time period, specific community, or specific demographic. You could identify a specific problem and could focus on researching the solution to that particular problem or one aspect of that problem.
  • Relevance and importance: Readers will only read your thesis if they consider it important. Therefore, in the introduction, you should tell the reader why your research is important. You can tell them that you are focusing on a particular problem and your research is giving a potential solution to that problem. You can identify the literature gaps in previous research and tell readers that your research is important because the topic has never been researched before. You should be able to cite relevant literature to indicate that you are not just making things up.
  • Research question and objectives: This is probably the most important part of your thesis introduction. Here you provide your research question, which you will try to answer in the rest of your paper. You also state the objectives of your research here.
  • Overview of the thesis: In the end, you will provide a brief overview of the whole thesis, so that the readers know what they can expect in the thesis. One line or two for each chapter would be sufficient. However, if your research is complicated you can take even a paragraph for each chapter.

After completing the introduction, you should check if your introduction has all the listed elements. If yes, congratulations, you have created an effective thesis introduction. Nevertheless, you can also take help from a professional essay writing service to craft a perfect thesis introduction for you in no time.

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