How to develop a strong thesis statement?

  • Date: March 19, 2022
How to develop a strong thesis statement?

Do you have trouble finding out the mistakes in your paper in spite of the fact that you met all the requirements as stated by your professor? Then you have come to the right place!

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Well, your worries have ended. All you need to do is make your research papers a little more focused on the thesis statement so that the readership can be engrossed. This post will indulge you in some important tips and tricks regarding the development of a strong thesis statement that will guide you on how to make your papers absorbing and thought-provoking.

Development of a strong statement can readily lure your readers and this will also help you to prove your claims in the paper. But the question arises, how to develop a strong thesis statement?

First things first… let’s determine;

What is a thesis statement?

The central message, main point, or any idea that any piece of writing has, is the thesis statement. The argument that anyone strives to make in their paper should be reflective of this thesis statement.

What should be the approximate length of a thesis statement?

The ideas can be focused or expressed in one or two sentences. It should give the reader a general idea about what is going to be presented in the paper. Moreover, it should also aim to present your position about any particular issue or matter.

Here are some important conditions which need to be fulfilled while curating a thesis statement.

  • It should be specific
  • The language should be clear
  • Vague notions should be avoided
  • The reader must attain a sense of direction
  • The thesis statement should gain further direction and evolve as the author concludes the paper
  • Formula statements and generic arguments are a no-no.

A strong thesis statement can provide the reader with a guide towards the exact sense and direction of the paper. It can test different ideas by distilling them in one or two sentences.

If a thesis statement has the following attributes, it can be considered as a strong thesis statement,

  1. It only expresses one main idea. However, it can project one or two sub-ideas.
  2. It takes up a subject matter on which further discussion can be carried out.
  3. The author can assert their conclusions about the subject
  4. Given the nature of the topic, the author must be able to deal with a perspective which can be treated adequately
  5. The statement has the potential to justify discussion from two opposing perspectives

The following example will give you further clarity on the development of a strong thesis statement.

Let’s suppose, the topic is narrowed down to the problems resulting from the sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits of the American youth. The thesis statement which is selected tends to answer the question of whether increased sugar consumption is a root cause of the problems or not.

Brainstorm around the fragment sugar consumption. The reader still won’t know what the author is trying to say about the paper. Extensive reading of the literature might conclude in the notion that increased sugar consumption has led to diabetes in school-going children and a growing incidence rate can be seen since the last quarter. This statement not only announces the relationship between different variables but also focuses on one segment of the population, i.e. school-going children.

Notice how the thesis statement has changed to reflect newer insights.

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