How to Detect a Scam Website While Ordering Essay Online

  • Date: December 6, 2021
How to Detect a Scam Website While Ordering Essay Online

Writing a good essay is an uphill task and most of the students often find it challenging. If you are facing the same then trust me you are not alone. Stats show that around fifty percent of students prefer to order an essay online rather than writing by themselves. The main reason is its complex techniques to follow which an essay writer must have to incorporate in his every essay. You have indeed been taught those techniques a number of times in schools and colleges but multiple assignments and your busy schedule did not allow you to truly comprehend them.

Today, a number of students prefer to order essays online to make sure that they would get good grades. Essays written by online professional writers guarantee that you get good grades and the system is decided in a way that helps maximize your own learning. Most of these top professional writers are hired by these services whom you can connect with through their official websites. It is important to note that despite its popularity, different fake services have popped up on the internet. Such services may send you a plagiarized essay or they may have sold the same essay to multiple students.

How to spot a scam website

Fact-checking websites

If you have selected a website for your order but you are skeptical about it. Then you can visit different fact-checking websites. Such websites only require a link to the website which you want to check. They meticulously analyze all details from the link and would tell you whether the website is real or fake.

Unimaginably low prices

Writing an academic essay took time even if it is written by a professional writer. It means he would charge depending upon the time he spends on it. If an essay writing service is offering very low prices for a good essay. Then trust me it is a scam and you might end up receiving a low-quality essay.

No reviews

Make sure that the website where you place an order must have a review page. The absence of such a page means the website is a scam and beware of such a website. Review shows the public reach of the website and whether it is authentic or not. You can verify a website’s authenticity by reading the reviews.

Search directly in Google Chrome

Sometimes new users think that by searching into Chrome the most authentic websites would poop up at the top. Trust me this is not the case rather scammers try different techniques to give their page a good rating. When you search a website a fake website may also pop but that does not mean it is real. You just have to be vigilant in finding a legit academic website.

Weak grammar and spelling

In all assignments, spelling, and grammar are important. Such websites also post various blogs if they are full of mistakes then trust me your essay would also look like this. If a website has these two issues it means it does not have a dedicated working team. A real website would always be free from such issues so be careful while finding such mistakes.

No payment page or SSL

If a website does not have Secure Socket Layer it means it is a scam. Because SSL allows a website to transfer data through layers of codes. It normally protects the privacy and identity of clients. It also includes a secure method of payment without these your credit and debit information would not be secure.

If a website does not have these six attributes then it is more likely to be a scam. However, it is important to note while dealing with services online is that not all services are the same. Some of them are professional academic writing services with decades of experience, who have helped tutor millions of students worldwide. Using the guidelines shared above just look for legit write my essay services to collaborate with a professional.

Go through the above pointers before ordering an essay online and stay safe from scam websites. Start by ordering a single page then move on to place larger orders to be on the safe side.

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