How to Create a Strong Thesis Statement

  • Date: December 3, 2021
How to Create a Strong Thesis Statement

In every essay, there is a requirement to establish a core point of discussion known as the central message. All the arguments and detailing must be linked and revolve around the central message. To be more specific the sentence within the essay that catches the position of the central message is globally known to be a thesis statement. It must be kept in mind that a thesis statement must be presented in one to two sentences. Finally, a thesis statement must offer the readers to get an impression of what the essay is about and is also beneficial to keep the arguments focused on the thesis statement.

To create a strong thesis statement, it is important to follow the tips mentioned below.

Placement of the Thesis Statement

It is highly recommended that a thesis statement is presented early in the essay. It can be considered as a beneficial approach to establish the position and offer a direction to the readers. It is recommended that to create a strong thesis statement one must;

  • Evade burying the thesis statement either in the middle of a paragraph or in the latter portion.
  • Ensure to focus on clarity and specific detailing.
  • Convey the point of the paper but sentences like “The point” “In this paper” are to be avoided.

Be as Specific as Possible

It is essentially required that a clear and specific thesis statement is devised. It is a good way to keep your arguments in line with the thesis statement and not to deviate from the central message.

  • Coordinating conjunctions must be effectively used to link large thesis statements. Conjunctions like “so”, “nor”, “but”, “and”, “our” are to be exploited.
  • Along with that, there is a possibility to take the help of subordinating conjunctions like “although”, since, because to improve the structure
  • A central idea or message must be developed and arguments linked to the idea are to be presented in detail (within the body paragraphs).

Avoid General Statements

The direction and depth of the thesis statement must be based on the time available and the number of pages. A proper and well-structured thesis statement can help to get a concrete start to the essay. A specific thesis statement is more likely to get directly to the main arguments. To develop a good understanding of what is general and what is focused, students are required to get access to free essays and samples and read them through to understand how to effectively write a thesis statement. The use of general discussions can lead to the spread of information as the essay writer would focus on pouring the efforts to not so important discussion/ detail. The essay must be well structured with a proper introduction, a thesis statement, focused body paragraphs, and an effective conclusion.

A strong thesis statement can be presented as;

    • The influence of politics on the media leads to serious objections.

On the other hand, a weak thesis statement can take the following forms;

  • The impact of political influence on the media is resulting in increased racism,
  • The use of media for gaining political benefits is a heated debate.

Importance of a clear position on the topic

A thesis statement is more than simply announcing a topic under consideration, rather, the writer must ensure to provide a position with a specific element or sub-topic of the general topic.

The thesis statement must present what is likely to be evaluated and examined in the essay. A better understanding of taking a clear position can be explained with the following example.

Weak thesis Statement

“Save wildlife.”

Strong Thesis Statement

“The importance of biological diversity has led to an increased debate on saving marine life.” The above guide will help you create a strong thesis statement in no time. However, if you are confused about writing a perfect one, it is always better to hire a professional essay writing service. The experts can assist you to complete this task at affordable rates.

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