How to Cite Your Sources in Harvard Citation?

  • Date: March 22, 2022
How to Cite Your Sources in Harvard Citation?

It is well understood that the use of a reference list allows representing the source utilized to create a piece of writing. On the other hand, the application of in-text citations is to highlight the points that are used from a source and not from one’s own reflection.

Reference List

The major information provided in the list concerning specific resources includes the author’s name(s), date of publication for the resource, the main title, and other details. The references list using Harvard referencing style must be presented on a separate page at the end of the writing.

It is also important to understand the basics of providing a reference list and in-text citations using the Harvard referencing style. Therefore, the details for the audience are provided. It is essentially required that;

  • Alphabetical order for the sources must be maintained,
    • In case the essay writer uses several sources by one author than the order as per the date must be maintained.
    • Also if the resources are published in the same year, the alphabetical order for the title of the source is to be used to order the sources within the references list.
  • It is also required that all full references for in-text citations are provided in the reference list.
  • Similarly, a full blank line must be used to separate the text within the reference when applying the Harvard referencing style.

In-text Citations

In-text citations are a good representation of giving credit to the original author as his work was properly paraphrased and used within the writing. These in-text citations are shorter compared to the ones provided in the reference list. It can be stated that the reference list provides the full version of the in-text citations.

For Harvard referencing style the in-text citations are to present the author’s name or the surname of the editor, followed by the year of publication. Moreover, there are two possible ways of in-text citations including;

Author’s name, (year of publication, p. xxx) (Author’s name, year of publication, p. xxx)


“p.” refers to the page number and

“xxx” is to be replaced by the number.

How to present two or Three Authors

To present a detailed in-text citation with more than one author using the Harvard citation style, the following means of representing the surname must be adopted.

1Author’s name, 2Author’s name and 3Author’s name (year of publication, p. xxx)

(1Author’s name, 2Author’s name and 3Author’s name, year of publication, p. xxx)

How to present Four or greater authors

In case there is a requirement to present an in-text citation with four or more than four authors, the following practice and way of presentation must be adopted. The author name is required to be followed by the word “et al” and the final in-text citation can be presented as;

Author’s name et al (year of publication, p. xxx)

(Author’s name et al, year of publication, p. xxx)

In case there is no author

There are many conditions where the author of a specific type of source is not provided. In the following conditions, there is a rule of thumb under the Harvard referencing to add or present the name of the publication organization instead of the name of the author. The following is a representation of an in-text citation with no author.

In case the information is used from the annual report of business is utilized for the explanation of the notes under the financial statements, then the citation would be presented as;

(Coca Cola, 2019, pp. xxx)

From the examination of in-text citation and the reference list and the ways to present them in different conditions help to highlight that the credit must be provided to the authors with a specific focus on following the style required for specific writing.

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